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Example sentences for deafening

These crustaceans can close their giant claws so violently that they snap shut with a deafening sound used to stun prey.
When two opposing robots face off to get to the ramp, the screams are deafening.
The gulf between them has been filled with a deafening outcry.
The outcry when this was revealed was deafening, and the programme was dropped.
Other than that, there was complete and deafening silence.
Background sounds in her suburban neighborhood-lawn mowers, planes, barking dogs-intermingled in a deafening buzz.
There is a kind of deafening agony, blinding agony to this new poem.
There were deafening blasts and fiery explosions on all sides.
Deafening dance music blared, as swirling searchlights swept the crowd.
If you do go and the sound seems deafening, ask the management to turn down the volume or insist on your money back.
And then there's the television gossip: people say it's deafening, revolutionary.
In the spring, the mating calls of tiny frogs can be almost deafening.
The sustained operation of leaf blowers at this decibel level can literally be deafening to persons within earshot of the devices.
While the rest of the wild outdoors operates on an annual cycle, the deafening cicadas are on their own schedule.
The sows do this despite the deafening cries of their doomed piglets.
They leave their cast skins on the trunk, unfold their wings and set up a deafening din.
When they arrive, panting, the entire pack of hounds is raising a deafening clamor around a big leaning elm.
In the spring the chorus of frogs and toads can be deafening.
It can be heard in chorus around ponds with the chorus sometimes being deafening.
Their deafening noise is often accompanied by strong local wind, thick dust clouds, and violent ground shaking.

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But the dark changed to red, and torches shone, And deafening music shook the leaves; a troop Shouldered a ... more
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