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But it's not strictly necessary: deaf people manage to cross streets without benefit of hearing the traffic.
Auditorium lights could broadcast enhanced audio to the hearing disabled, or transcriptions to the deaf.
Closed captioning for deaf users was not properly supported.
Everyone pretends to be in favour of bipartisan dialogue, but it is a dialogue of the deaf.
Some deaf people have extraordinarily keen vision, and a new study of cats may explain why.
There is only one public school in the world where deaf children are taught to swim.
They will doubtless suggest the sign language of the deaf.
Explain that there is more than one of these languages for the deaf.
It is then that they realize how deaf people must feel when they are among those who hear.
The real problem is that medical community is blind and deaf to the frequency of falls and injuries.
And many researchers believed females to be completely deaf.
It turns a deaf ear to her phone-in shows on a radio station run by angry exiles.
When they do preach that message, it often falls on deaf ears.
The committee's call for an independent counsel have fallen on deaf ears.
The failure of farmers in poor countries to respond to price signals does not mean they are deaf to them.
The author, stone deaf and deep in the throes of an exhaust-note-inspired freak-out.
The central leadership is not entirely deaf to public opinion.
College presidents seem tone-deaf to those concerns.
The critical thinker who is deaf to culture's deeper appeals is impoverished in some profound ways.
The movie was captioned, perhaps because he was going a little deaf.
Being so late to the game, it will fall on deaf ears and uninterested eyes.
He is a big-game hunter-slightly deaf in his right ear-and a sailor, with a tan in all seasons.
Elsewhere, other linguists are using ultrasound to teach foreign languages and help the deaf to speak.
Consciousness first arose when deaf and blind first interbred.
No wonder they were so deaf to the warnings from their own experts.
No, his biggest concern is being labeled tone deaf on joblessness and debt.
The ensuing dialogue of the deaf therefore continues.
His impish humor and tone-deaf faux pas supply plenty of material that could be spun into gold with the proper editing software.
Even so, he was not deaf to the concerns of his neighbors.
Faculty, once they have found a berth, often become blind to the problems and deaf to the cries of their own indentured students.
Yet attempts to encourage originality have been tone-deaf.
Although cobras can hear, they are actually deaf to ambient noises, sensing ground vibrations instead.
And yet, this comment made me think of the cochlear implant controversy that has riven the deaf community.
Deaf people who donned the belt claimed it helped them read lips.
There she met a family with a quirky phenotype: those with excessive hair were also deaf and unable to speak.
Most of the deaf amoebae failed to get into the ball of spores at the top of the stalk.
Unfortunately, his great insight appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
Those that are not afraid of the sound would have to be blind and deaf to actually fly into one.
It never ceases to amaze me how deaf some dog owners are.
It is rather as though, over an immense range of intellectual experience, a whole group was tone-deaf.
But the martyr replied, that he could never adore blind and deaf idols.
He also argues for rhyming deaf with leaf, and protests against inserting a y-sound before the u in such words as nature.
Our eyes never will be blind to a developing menace, our ears never deaf to the call of civilization.
Deaf to argument, haply they might be stunned into sobriety.
As she proved deaf to his entreaties, he had recourse to violence.
Lang was a deaf-mute who communicated solely by gestures and rough drawings.
She was a little deaf and a slightly wacky but she had a twinkle about her.
Her charm was more often perceived as abrasive, her diplomacy tone-deaf.
The controversy has been cast by many as an instance of a tone-deaf agency not keeping up with the times.

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