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Swift was a master satirist, and his irony was deadly.
What was once the stuff of science fiction, the recipe for creating deadly viruses, is now a frighteningly real possibility.
As deadly boring as these commencements can be, they can also be quite charming.
Natural disasters and nuclear power plants are a deadly mix.
Anything that might suggest that the writer has reservations on the candidate is also deadly.
The scientists are working on a way to make patients resistant to any deadly allergic reactions caused by the protein.
They're deadly, but taste utterly fantastic and are addictive.
Some of those poor outcomes included brain hemorrhages, which can be deadly, and failure of the patient to improve.
Among these species is an elite group of twelve mammals and reptiles equipped with a deadly arsenal of predatory skills.
But when the deadly wave receded, it sucked the occupants into a large culvert.
All cephalopod mollusks with three hearts are carnivorous, but only one type living in temperate waters is deadly to humans.
They have a long muzzle and sharp fangs designed to inflict deadly injury.
Indeed, existing less-lethal munitions that rely on kinetic energy can be deadly, particularly if fired at close range.
Study hints at why heart disease is more deadly for blacks.
Two teams of scientists have independently constructed a deadly strain of flu.
Satellite data look behind the scenes of deadly earthquake.
Some hospitals have turned a corner in fighting deadly infections.
Therapy shows promise in a deadly degenerative brain disease.
Parents ignore the advice of doctors and experts and refuse to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases.
Astronomers say it probably wasn't deadly because the comet was larger than they thought.
Officials often portray the global expansion of deadly drone strikes as an unequivocal success.
And mere method, technical routine, is the deadly enemy of individual work.
The whimsy surrounding what was going on in the desert obscured the deadly seriousness of it all.
Deadly viruses have always threatened humanity, but a virus can travel only as far as the cells it infects.
Regular jiggering of organic functions is needed to keep the ratio from ballooning to something deadly.
No one seemed to know much about it except that it was deadly.
His self-deportation idea is both deadly serious and an old joke.
Most of above made from alcohol once containing deadly government wood alcohol, made drinkable by distillation.
Gluttony was once considered one of the seven deadly sins.
But it may be that the particular combination of genetic factors in the ancient strain was more deadly.
Infections resulting from joint-replacement surgeries are costly and potentially deadly.
If they reach the bloodstream, they can turn deadly.
Melanoma starts on the skin, but when it spreads to other parts of the body, it is invisible and deadly.
New technology may make it easier to find explosives and bomb makers long before they can trigger a deadly roadside bomb.
G rowing human organs to ease the deadly shortages facing patients desperate for transplants.
These aggregate into fibrils, or plaques, that cause a deadly influx of calcium into neurons when they come in contact with them.
For example, he says, scientists could nano engineer more deadly biological weapons.
Cancer cells become deadly when they proliferate uncontrollably and overwhelm their healthy neighbors.
But the real culprit, it appears, was deadly chemistry.
It was a deadly accident and an ecological disaster.
The toxin does its deadly work by attaching itself permanently to nerve endings.
Nonetheless, these deadly females have excellent reasons for their treacherous behavior, he has found.
The warning is that the human body can be a place where bizarre-- and potentially deadly--chemistry can occur.
But so far, the cases reported elsewhere in the world haven't been as deadly.
But natural disasters also involve crises of information that can turn out to be as deadly as the physics.
The second is more deadly, coming from his own first-hand research.
We go into these places, now, trailing baggage of a deadly sort.
Both dictators treated captured enemies with deadly utilitarianism.
Of course the deadly failure of communism in no way lessens the historical and contemporary crimes of capitalism.
Torture is at the heart of the deadly politics of national security.
The beauty house is shedding light on a deadly disease.
These are deadly serious, if yet fully proven, charges.
Only then do the horrified onlookers realize that he's infected them with a deadly plague.
He bewitches a courtroom with charm, wit, and a deadly sting.
One fifth of the world's population was attacked by this deadly virus.

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