deadlock in a sentence

Example sentences for deadlock

And the longer the deadlock continues, the crazier people get.
Charged with slashing the deficit by trillions, the new bipartisan commission could deadlock or reach a grand bargain.
In any case, health legislation is currently stalled by a bitter political deadlock.
But the political deadlock means economic deadlock too.
Incremental progress is possible, but continued deadlock is likelier.
Most worryingly, there is no outside mechanism to knock heads together in case of deadlock.
The selection process was dogged by contention and deadlock for months.
Street protests have often been dramatic during the past four years of political deadlock here.
In the end, it was the bond markets that broke the deadlock.
Deadlock problems are always a possibility and concern with object synchronization.
Faced with this deadlock added to its own deadlock, the conference committee voted eight-to-two for the purple lilac.
If he had no more, a deadlock would have been created in the instant case, and public business would become imperilled.
Tensions remained high and sporadic political violence occurred throughout a four-month deadlock.
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