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However, the government has reportedly reneged on this mandate, and has postponed that deadline indefinitely.
There is never an acceptable excuse for missing deadline.
Today is the deadline for nations to submit their proposals.
The family had not issued a statement at deadline and no reports on her condition had been confirmed.
And yet, it still will not be closed even close to the deadline if ever.
He selects the figure order that best compliments his paper and a deadline is communicated.
It's interesting that the debt-crisis talks are happening concurrently with baseball's trading deadline.
Otherwise, it is simply a later deadline, to be blown and then renegotiated.
Some terrific candidates were excluded solely because they didn't have a new piece of fiction available by our deadline.
Projects that must be rushed to completion to meet an urgent deadline can incur punishing overtime charges.
Some of his advisers have hinted that the deadline is flexible.
He later offered two other explanations for missing the deadline.
But nobody disputes that he returned after the deadline had expired.
It is given its own set of beliefs, desires and intentions, along with a job to do and a deadline by which that job must be done.
They have a four-year deadline for earning first degrees.
Negotiations always look bleakest as their deadline approaches.
He suggested the parliament might not meet a deadline to approve the measures by the end of the month.
Who then laughs sarcastically if its not finished by my deadline.
Many people can produce only when they're up against a deadline.
Chances are, you're always on time with certain kinds of things and often a bit behind or up against the deadline with others.
Make sure that they have everything they need to write a letter for you, and that you identify the deadline clearly.
Do not believe in the myth of the romantic artist, who produces a masterpiece minutes before a deadline.
One turned in a take-home midterm a week late, after the deadline for recording grades.
Faculty may object, but there is a deadline by which they must do so.
There will always be contributors who miss the deadline.
If he raises enough money before the deadline, the project is funded.
That's the same deadline for authors and publishers to decide to opt out or oppose the settlement.
We work long hours on deadline in a little office about the size of a broom closet.
They also did significantly better on timed information-processing tasks that were designed to induce deadline stress.
The deadline for applying for state or college financial aid may be earlier than the federal deadline.

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A journalist is stimulated by a deadline. He writes worse when he has time.... more
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