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Example sentences for deaden

To deaden the rock on impact, go for about three full revolutions.
They used the toxin to deaden the muscles that control frowning.
When politicians seek to deaden that pain and supplant those lessons with hasty fixes of their own, they almost always blunder.
It takes a lot of engineering effort and extra materials to deaden intrusive sounds at source.
If that trend continues, it will deaden the possibility of an export-driven recovery.
The exactions of their daily tasks, goodness knows, are severe enough to deaden their wider instincts.
We deaden our consciences to enjoy-for a few minutes a day-the taste of blood, the feel of our teeth meeting through muscle.
Questions and answers, cut and dried, have tended to deaden the inquiring spirit.
His unbelief is of a piece with his attempt to deaden his emotions and decrease his vulnerability.
Unlike the block, the eardrum injection doesn't deaden touch.
Your muscles deaden, you lose control of bodily fluids, and you feel as if a bomb has exploded your entrails.
The result is to deaden public interest in politics by diverting the mind from the fact that there is real money at stake.
That's how long it takes to deaden your soul forever.
Ask for a room in back if you want to deaden the clamor of the pubs below.
And he offers long, legal-sounding interrogation sessions that deaden characters instead of bringing them to life.
The seats deaden the low-frequency murmurs of the audience while magnifying the higher-frequency voices of the actors.
In all of these interactions, torture doesn't deaden the feelings between people, rather it deepens them.
He had spent hours refurbishing it, pasting blue sisal halfway up the white walls to relieve the drabness and deaden the echoes.
Violent video games deaden their empathy for others.
Often the noise of the flowing water will deaden your noise, and an animal will not realize you are there.
Practically the entire fuselage is layered with insulation blankets to deaden noise and insulate against heat or cold.
Too many and too heavy frosts deaden the fall colors, causing the leaves to turn brown and drop off early.
Ozone is not effective at removing odor, but instead, can deaden the sense of smell.
If the nose is left at the opening, the mercaptan odor will temporarily deaden the operator's sense of smell.
They also help to deaden noise from exterior sources and add to the wall s fire resistance.
In addition, he stated that the fence is needed there to sound deaden the noises from the events at the fire department.
Acoustical sound boards were installed in the music to help deaden the sound.
The vehicle body shall be fully insulated in the roof and all body panels to deaden sound and reduce vibration and heat transfers.
Providing too much space or the wrong type of space without sufficient activity to enliven it will deaden the complex.
Unlike narcotics, which merely deaden the nerves that feel the pain, rhenium relieves the inflammation that causes the pain.
He bandaged his own wound and self-administered morphine to deaden the pain enabling him to continue his dangerous undertaking.
They are indoor air pollutants that mask problems and deaden the senses if they are not causing respiratory problems on their own.
He said the only thing he has to deaden the pain is beer.

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