dead load in a sentence

Example sentences for dead load

For the steel girder, the dead load per unit length varies due to the change in plate sizes.
For the calculation, the fluid and superimposed dead load deflections are added to the in-service bottom-of-slab elevations.
Camber shall be checked in th e fabrication shop in the vertical position under girder dead load only.
The weight of the safety barrier curb on top of the wall shall be included in the dead load.
The constant dead load stress does not affect fatigue.
For longer span applications, the dead load becomes too high for continued economy.
The dead load is combined with the seismic inertial load to determine the maximum bending moment.
All finite element models must have dead load static reactions verified and boundary conditions checked for errors.
The self weight load of the concrete structure is applied vertically downward as component dead load.
The dead load, which is the weight of the building itself, is affected by the type of frame and exterior walls.
Supports shall be spaced to take the maximum advantage of dead load in the member before heat is applied.
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