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Example sentences for dead hand

It is the dead hand that holds imprisoned within the obscenity laws all direct information concerning birth control.
But such events are not enough to dislodge the dead hand of history.
As a solution, he proposes more democracy, which is then described as more influence of the dead hand of the national level.
In a genuinely free market, without the dead hand of government interference, it's a self-correcting problem.
But the business of childhood proceeded, even under the dead hand of communists.
But there are still those who hold onto the dead hand of the past, and they refuse to concede defeat.
If a player bets but announces a fold, the player has a dead hand.
And he had the pouch with him, and he had a grenade pouch on his belt, and he had this fragmentation grenade in his dead hand.
If both hole cards are dealt up, you have a dead hand and receive your ante back.

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