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By all rights, this animal seems to be an evolutionary dead end.
Scientists began to view dinosaurs as an evolutionary dead end.
What's more, your dead end may be another scientist's missing link, the elusive chunk of data they needed.
Some geneticists believe that desperation is leading him to a dead end.
They were far too costly to be sustained, and at the end of the ten-year program they had reached a dead end.
His house was nestled in the dead end behind our school.
Thinking she was handing me the key to my lost past, she instead shunted me to a meaningless dead end.
We filled our tank, headed off again-and came to an abrupt dead end at the ocean.
They spend all this time and energy trying to perfect corn, and it is a dead end for producing fuel.
He realized that parliamentary democracy must be defended against violent protest that had become a dead end.
It was an important job, but has often represented a career dead end.
They were long thought to have been an evolutionary dead end.
It's even possible that we've reached an evolutionary dead end.
Despite all the prostrations, faith-based thinking is a dead end pursuit.
Jellyfish are often viewed as an energetic dead end.
Trying to fight these people by explaining why they're wrong is a dead end.
Technological civilization is a dead end for the human species.
The demise of the sun strikes me as a drop dead end time limit.
But anyone starting from zero will have to pay high rents or high mortgages with low paying low quality dead end jobs.
Dead end for such a dream will be a fossil world with little changes from present.
The markets have run themselves into a dead end and they know it.
So those who are supposed to get help and services from the government authorized agencies, they will face a dead end.
There were many dead end roads and uncompleted streets, which picked up several blocks from where they ended.
His career seemed to be at a dead end, anyway, because he was too light to wrestle in college.
If you're at a dead end, a new path is about to open.

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