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In cold-winter climates, where freeze damage occurs, remove all dead and injured stems.
It is a rather unnerving fact that whether you are dead or alive may depend on where you live.
Dead zones are areas of the ocean that no longer have enough oxygen to support sea life.
The ring patterns of old living trees were matched to those of dead trees to pinpoint years when the dead trees had been alive.
Furthermore, there is nothing that tells us whether the bird was alive or dead when the dinosaur consumed it.
Whether the cricket is dead or alive, traditional wisdom is evidently defunct, a tedious chirp no one has time for.
Cellphone dead zones might soon become a thing of the past.
Dead zones are low-oxygen, or hypoxic, areas in the world's oceans and lakes.
How offshore garbage dumping contributes to ocean dead zones.
They may linger near a dead body for days and partially bury it.
Oxygen-starved ocean dead zones may be more widespread than thought.
And they must tell students that their professor is dead.
Nine new species that dine only on dead whales have been discovered, a new study says.
Maybe they're trying to bring the dead back to life.
The placement of the body is said to signify honor and bring the dead closer to heaven.
Ceremonies for the dead have always fascinated people of all ages.
There is something intensely animal about our relationship with the dead.
About half of the turtles on the beach are already dead.
Many giant squid have washed up on beaches or have been found dead or dying in fishing nets.
The scene is a sheriff's office near a mountain lake, where a hunter and his dog have been found dead.
Microorganisms, particularly bacteria, produce proteins in their cell walls that bind water-even if they are dead.
While it is long dead there is a lot of information on volcanoes and the different types of end results.
Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
In the dead of winter, spring-blooming bulbs are especially welcome in the house.
Rake up and dispose of dead leaves, since fungus spores can overwinter on them.
Alders need little pruning except to remove suckers, crossing branches, and dead wood.
Sadly, everyday there are lots of dead bees on the patio, some with the yellow stuff on their legs.
We sweep nearly everyday, so these are new dead bees.
In mild-winter climates, remove dead or old canes and make cuts as shown above right.
Place your subject in any of the four corners instead of dead center to keep the image from looking flat.
Remove any dead material from the previous season as new growth resumes.
When he composed them, he would dream of the dead lying on the ground.
Realizing he had worked his whole life in vain, he destroyed all his paintings and was found dead the next day.
They don't call him the godfather of the dead for nothing.
Outside pressure for reform, in other words, is all but dead.
Last year, people started reporting dead or dying specimens.
Today doctors use medicinal maggots to clean wounds by dissolving dead tissue and to disinfect them by killing bacteria.
Need little pruning except to remove wayward or dead growth.
We will all be dead by the time the slightest evolution in our species develops.
We watch for the pair of bald eagles that have lately come to nest in a tall dead oak.
But now, finally, there are batteries that won't fade to dead.
Others worry that the inevitable increase in dead kangaroos will alarm the campers who frequent the island.
Or, if the other queen has emerged by the time they find each other, they will often fight until one is dead.
Our reporter spends a dark night with the living dead.
Nothing kills a gadget dead faster than a dunk in the toilet or a splash of beer.
Essentially sufferers believe themselves to be dead.
Already, human impacts on the ocean are large, from spurring jellyfish to dominate to boosting algae blooms and dead zones.
The nematocysts can still release their sting even after the jellyfish is dead.
Film criticism isn't dead and it certainly isn't dying due to film bloggers.
Check your web presence for dead links and old information.
News literacy is agnostic about how people are getting their news-from dead-tree media, the cloud, or anything in between.
Relatively few animals have been reported dead, however, reviving speculation that animals somehow sense impending disaster.
Experts are close to piecing together the entire genomes of long-dead beasts.
UK researchers have developed a series of robots that power up by digesting sugar, rotten apples, and dead flies.
Originally, when the dead came back, they weren't really malicious.
Most die away from the hive, so researchers don't have dead bodies to examine.
Their stench has been compared to the scent of a thousand dead elephants rotting in the sun.
Dead ahead lies a heavy thicket, an ideal spot for an ambush by drug smugglers.
It was not crowded elbow-to-elbow, the weather was wonderful and the mosquitoes all dead.
Well-run companies still know when they need outside expertise, which is why strategy consulting is far from dead.
It is odd that an industry that would not be seen dead in last season's colour is wedded to the last century's technology.
The names of the dead are inscribed in the bronze that surrounds the pools.
Still, after decades of experience, they have failed to fix the seriously dead veggies and the lack of flavor.
The subtle art of raising long-deceased spirits from the dead.
Dilemmas about dealing with online records of the dead are becoming commonplace.
She could even have stolen cash from him, cursed him dead, and hidden his remains.
Not long but long enough to know that whatever it was was truly dead.
She knew her father was dead and that they would live their lives without him.
She had feared him dead after receiving funeral notices for some of the friends he served with.
The details are unclear, but one gunman is dead and it appears no one else was injured.
Despite all the dead air, the true believers say the odds of success are now better than ever.
When blowfly eggs hatch in a patient's wound, the maggots eat the dead flesh where gangrene-causing bacteria thrive.
Many were dead and others almost dead, and nobody had the health or strength to help the diseased or bury the dead.
Memorials are not about the dead, but a comfort for those that still live.
Some within two hours, some merry at dinner and dead at supper.
What they can do when normal flies are long-dead is absolutely amazing.
But this particular caterpillar is already dead, and its corpse has been protected by two unseen and unlikely partners.
As the population of menhaden declines, algal blooms have proliferated, transforming some inshore waters into dead zones.
There will be no dead bodies at the scene, unless someone is killed by the explosion itself.
The animal is dead by the time it is in a microwave so no dielectric shielding.
With tens of thousands of elephants dead each year for their tusks, extinction looms on the horizon for these majestic creatures.
Three of them are known to have been killed, and the fourth is presumed dead.
We're going up the alleyways, looking under cars, finding hypodermic needles and dead cats.
As soon as you start thinking about getting it right, you're dead in the water.
If he were dead, he told his therapist much later, then nothing more could happen to him.
Emmet is forced to quit his newly acquired residency to join in what will in all likelihood be a dead-end search for his father.
Scores of people are dead, and you're in your robe, getting the paper somewhere.
It was interesting, but really stopped the flow of storytelling dead in its tracks.
Now that the local newspaper is all but dead, there are few sources of news in the traditional sense.
He thought he was dead immediately following the event but sustained no serious injuries and went back to work a few weeks later.
His predictions of the violence to come turned out to be dead right.
These beads are made from the remains of dead relatives.
Always avoid bare-handed contact when handling dead animals.
Not all dead birds and tree squirrels can be tested for disease, but all reports are helpful.

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