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Example sentences for de facto

But when they try to make their ideas a de facto facts, then we have problems.
In this prominent position, she's making her own de facto debut as a writer with a message for the general public.
Those that need capital will find it, even if it takes de facto nationalization.
Menzie Chinn points out that rising oil prices act as a de facto barrier to trade, because shipping gets more expensive.
The country was a de facto one-party state from 1969.
Others worked as drivers under overseers, but were de facto managers.
As the kids get older, leagues that operate through the winter become de facto high school tryouts.
The irony is that, were the gap to disappear, there would be a de facto tightening of monetary policy.
As the latter's de facto guardian, he gleefully signed his report cards.
Uniform driver's licenses could become de facto national identification cards.

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