day room in a sentence

Example sentences for day room

My suite had a spacious, immaculate day room and comfortable bedroom.
Trays must be eaten at the table in the day room area.
Each floor has a community day room for social activity.
The day room, waiting area or any suitable area should be used, when possible for visitation.
The day room walls are covered with wainscoting of pre-finished hardboard or varnished wood.
There is a shared toilet and sink in each cell, and a shared shower and toilet in the day room.
Another series of experiment was conducted with fires starting in a day room area open to the dormitory corridor.
The two-bay apparatus floor includes a training room, day room and dormitory.
Each unit has a patient day room where you may socialize with other patients or family.
Three dormers with gable roofs are located above the seventh floor on either side of the central day room.
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