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Balance sheets dated any other date will be rejected.
Follow her helpful hints to take your kitchen from dated to dazzling.
The reality, however, was a charmless room with a dated fireplace covered in brick and hand-painted drywall.
Pottery, porcelain and the casting cores of bronzes can be dated by the amount of radiation the piece absorbs.
Unfortunately, the grains examined do not carry the sort of isotopes that would allow them to be dated.
But this rests on an out-dated impression that poor countries mainly export to rich ones.
Normally, longer-dated futures contracts are more expensive than shorter-term ones.
The decor was tired and dated, the only amenity was coffee, and there wasn't even a mini fridge to keep a bottle of milk cold.
The scientists radiocarbon-dated and otherwise tested fossilized shells in the layered seafloor sediment.
It's the oldest genetic proof for malaria in well-dated mummies.
The two dated before she went into rehab last year.
The layer was dated by a technique called optically stimulated luminescence.
When word gets out, which it likely will, you will never be able to live down the stigma of having dated a student.
But when he returned to the text, he says, it felt dated.
By the time you are actually ready to push the publish button, the piece is out-dated.
If memories falter, you have a timed, dated confirmation of what you discussed.
For profits are painfully revealing snobberies and ponderous dated-nesses in non-profit universities.
Next semester's book order needs to be signed, dated, and put into campus mail.
As always the reports are somewhat dated by the time they are published, but serve as good background.
On organized futures and options markets, it is essentially impossible to obtain a long-dated option.
But a post-dated political check by an ailing monarch has made global headlines.
Many of these are from the same establishment, but are dated a few years apart.
It is also the reason why the novel can seem, and in the literal sense is, dated.
They also thought the married pulpwood-truck drivers and garage mechanics they dated were movie stars.
More than the dialogue and the situation had dated: the moral climate was no longer that of my boyhood.
Usually the report is not dated or addressed, and sometimes it consists merely of a resolution, or a set of resolutions.
From this time may usually be dated the decline in the living power of the doctrine.
Scientists regularly have to rely on a few dated observations of questionable veracity.
Only a true icon makes every other product in its category seem chintzy and dated, if not totally obsolete.
It remains brilliant and is in no essential sense dated.
His vision of a new mental universe held together by post-printing technology now looks dated.
And it will require showing the distribution of the artifacts, organic remains, and dated samples within these features.
The absolute age of each layer can be dated by radiocarbon methods.
Why textbook drawings of cells are beginning to look rather dated.
Amazingly, our work has become iconic and curiously hasn't dated.
He divided the era into four periods, and dated the art by its style and appearance.
He wrote piles and piles of autobiographical stories but none were dated.
He takes out the napkin with her name and number, dated.
Applications with signatures deemed not original or not dated will not be processed.

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