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Example sentences for data set

They have filmed several tornadoes, but they will be back next year to try to capture their perfect data set.
There can potentially be a variety of different types of relationships in a given data set.
There is no way to determine the answer with this data set.
But not a particular data set, since the data is always changing, and that mutability is what makes it a wiki.
We believe that the merged data set balances these two extremes to arrive at the ratio shown here.
The data set is too small to draw a solid conclusion.
It is not the confidence level for comparing longer trends, which is smaller because the data set is much larger.
Statistics such as the minimum, maximum and the various kinds of averages tell you global properties of your data set.
The evolutionary biologist has also used this historical data set to ponder the conundrum of grandmothers.
Six months after the spacecraft runs out of coolant for its instruments, a preliminary data set should be released to astronomers.
The software then compares the dictation to this data set and makes a guess.
Will it create a data set that the less than honest can pilfer.
In this painstaking way, he would build a three-dimensional data set of a rock or other object of interest to scientists.
The site also includes an overview of the data set and descriptions of related projects.
He says the large data set also solves a problem that has plagued music researchers for years.
The deans were not exactly aglow with enthusiasm about the data set.
Many academics are eager to lend a hand-or crunch a data set-for the cause.
If these are your primary variables of interest, it's going to be difficult for you to rationalize using this data set.
Therefore, doctors, lawyers and others in high-paying jobs that require advanced degrees are not included in the data set.
So switching a data set measured in inches to one measured in centimetres should not change the distribution.
Today, we're introduced to another data set that makes possible a bold prediction about the future.
Even after preprocessing, a data set can still be too big to examine efficiently in a single central locality.
Lower values indicate older individuals in the data set.
The study, because of its limited data set, can't address the question of consciousness.
There's only so much juice you can get out of the same data set.
The data set is not perfect, but it compensates for that in its size and breadth.
These inferences were only possible because of his extremely rich personal data set, part of a broader project in his laboratory.
To expect them to actually to do the work of moving from one data set to another is to ask to much.
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