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But the celebrations may be short-lived as the dislocations of its dash for growth start to become painfully apparent.
It can only be defended with an appeal to a sense of style and taste, with a strong dash of self-deprecating humour.
Technology, perhaps with a dash of fantasy, amplifies that feeling.
Lizards can scurry across ceilings and dash across water.
The current model's large display in the center of the dash is one of the best features, imho.
Only then did he make a dash for the door as the basilica came crashing down around him.
The back pops off, so you can replace the battery and add a dash of color.
We dash in one direction salivating with greed, then turn and dash in the other in pure panic.
Both are populists who cut a dash on the talk-show circuit.
In its maddening dash through the swirling dust the machine takes on the attributes of a sentient thing.
Adorn napkins with name cards, herbs, and a ribbon for a dash of holiday color.
Disappointing profits figures would also dash hopes of an early rise in business investment.
Pendant lights illuminate the work surface of the kitchen island and provide a dash of warm color.
Instead, whoever answers these questions does so with a good dash of wit and a healthy perspective.
Buy a ticket online beforehand, or park your car in the line for the ferry, then dash out and buy your ticket in the office.
Many bosses also feel they must dash around the world pitching to clients.
Unlike gold it is far too bulky to be of use for slipping a couple of bars into a case and making a dash for the border.
There's really no good way to repair those vinyl dash covers, sorry to say.
Her perilous dash from sandy nest to open sea is the first of many dangerous journeys she makes.
Emphasis here on politely and adding in a dash of great humility.
Add a dash of oil to your shampoo to provide extra moisture and add silkiness to coarse hair.
They would dash to and from a medical emergency a lot faster.
Then, after donning his own protective gear, he turns to a computer terminal bolted to the dash of his vehicle.
And he likes to use a dash when a comma would probably do-that might serve as his epitaph.
All the while there is power to the dash, headlights and wipers.
To approach without being seen by a visual spotter, a dash would almost certainly be required.
Besides giving needed flavor to bland-tasting foods-adding a dash of salsa or peppery hot sauce can add variety to the space menu.
She had brought only one suit, and she had to dash out to the mall to get a second outfit.
Journalists grab it off the shelf when they need to pepper a column with a dash of historical authority.
The following event is the climb-and-rappel--a dash up and slide down a sixty-foot tower.
It's all out of tins-but with verve, my dear, with dash.
But there was a certain dash and glare about him that caught her.
We worked each animal gently out to the edge of the herd, and then with a sudden dash took it off at a run.
All undisturbed by the dash of their oars, and unseen, were the sleepers.
In a last minute dash to meet these targets, some local governments have started imposing planned blackouts.
Then often, in a panicked dash, they shoot to the surface.
The next moment-seized by some collective switch of the brain-thousands made a mad dash to the other side.
Its main readership-Afghan children-dash to get their hands on a copy.
It's called dash, that little extra that greases the way.
He will dash out to be petted for a few seconds, them run back in.
The near-term climate benefits of a global dash for sulphur-free gas may thus be smaller than might be expected.
Three factors, however, argue for a hasty dash to the polls.
He hits another switch under the dash and a light goes green on his steering wheel display.
There is no intellectual equivalent of the hundred-yard dash.
The stats-and-stethoscope upstarts are nonetheless making their dash.
The rest of the menu peps up the familiar with a dash of novelty.
When the last embers were extinguished, the dash to rebuild began.
Others, especially lobby dealers with access to an apartment upstairs, tend to make a mad dash for freedom.
Put an object that slides along the dash easily then make a sudden change in direction or speed.
The company's methods include old-fashioned fieldwork, time-honed crossbreeding techniques, and a dash of genetic engineering.
Anyway, then it was a quick dash home to turn myself into a baker.
In that event, they would have only had to discard the clothes and boots into a large garbage bag and make a dash for it.
Traffic gridlock and kamikaze taxis dash quaint fantasies of big-eyed llamas.
He might dash in to tell him that a terrorism suspect has been captured, a bomb defused.

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