darned in a sentence

Example sentences for darned

Some of those authors are smarter than their books, but some of those books are darned good.
The problem with coal ash is, there is so darned much of it.
There's one thing you can say for yodeling: acoustically, it's pretty darned distinctive.
We stopped spewing sulfur for some darned good reasons.
Yet that darned punctuate evolution seems to be taking us in the wrong direction.
Why do electric cars always have to look so darned futuristic.
And the agents on the phone are frequently so darned bad.
They blend science with a lot of time on the water by a lot of darned good anglers.
Nor is health insurance a right, but it's darned expensive.
There was a lot of smoke and fires going off all over the darned place.
All this, and he never stops beings so darned polite.

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I'm darned if I understand you city folks. Always rushing, rushing. Always thinking about the future. No wo... more
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