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Such visible evidence of gravity bending light in space may help scientists map otherwise invisible dark matter.
Now find out as the film shows the birth of a star from hydrogen, helium gas and dark matter.
Dark matter cannot be photographed, but its distribution is shown in the blue overlay.
The spectrometer is designed to look for evidence of antimatter and dark matter.
Dark flow was named in a nod to dark energy and dark matter-two other unexplained astrophysical phenomena.
Once upon a time, dark matter was the strangest, hardest to fathom material in the universe.
Studying neutrinos means better understanding the sun, other stars, and maybe even the properties of mysterious dark matter.
She deduced from her observations that galaxies are pervaded by dark matter, invisible to our telescopes.
In fact, dark matter seems to act as a scaffold on which visible matter is arranged.
The bad news is that it doesn't say anything about gravity or dark matter or dark energy.
If dark matter exists it may take the form of mirror planets, mirror stars and mirror galaxies.
They may even make up the mysterious dark matter that fills the universe.
Somewhere, there was a sort of temperamental dark matter exerting an invisible gravitational pull of its own.
Dark energy and dark matter describe proposed solutions to as yet unresolved gravitational phenomena.
Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
Besides, if dark matter is real then it is here all around us and thus would impact our localized formulas as well.
They discuss developments during the past two decades in string theory and the discoveries of dark matter and dark energy.
The rest-dark matter and dark energy-is invisible to our telescopes.
Dark energy, dark matter, inflation and punctuated acceleration: it's all too much.
Astronomers have one more reason to scratch their heads over the unseen material known as dark matter.
As mysterious as dark energy and dark matter, dark flow may be the gravitational pull of other universes.
Physicists now use gravitational lensing to try to understand dark matter and the expansion of the universe.
Cosmological experiments suggest dark matter really is out there.
Since they'd also be heavier than the regular neutrinos, they would make good dark matter candidates.
Scientists have concluded that the vast bulk of the universe consists of exotic dark matter, a substance that emits no light.
Inflation predicts that the universe contains a hundred times more dark matter than the matter that shines in stars.
So two dark matter particles or a dark matter particle and a huge star won't combine.
It covers a lot of ground, from the births and deaths of stars, to dark matter and dark energy.
My interest is presently focused on rare-event searches such as dark matter direct detection and coherent neutrino scattering.
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