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Example sentences for dangling

It looks lovely in flower arrangements, dangling down the side of a vase.
Two hatches on the back of the cabin exit directly into spacesuits dangling outside.
The absurdity of dangling from a single rope far above the ferns below was put into perspective quickly.
Inside, dangling from a key ring, was a green clay olive stuffed with a pimento-red ribbon.
All you need to do is carry a clear umbrella with streamers dangling from it and perhaps a red shirt and white sweat pants.
Outside, a parachutist drifts overheard, dangling lazily in the late afternoon sun.
And then the novel simply ends, without playing out or tying up the various dangling strands.
On his left pectoral is a skull with one eyeball dangling from the socket by a cord of veins.
Ness ties one end of the climbing rope to the base of a small tree nearby, and leaves the other end dangling.
Some research was accomplished showing that a cable dangling in space does create a current.
Dangling carrots may be useful in getting people to plow through boring, routine work.
Baker generates the necessary tension in the fiber by dangling four nickels attached temporarily to the end.
It doesn't take an experienced inspector to see that a dangling conductor can't be good, either.
It will slow its descent to less than one mile per hour as it lowers the dangling rover to the surface.
He dresses up casually, usually with his belt dropping and dangling.
She had a number of wigs, including one with strange dangling curls.
It's a squirrel, standing up, with a surprisingly huge pair of testicles dangling beneath him.
With the given experiment, holding one end of the spring and dangling the other, this is not true.
How about floating a balloon over the ship dangling a convex reflector.
Checking thoroughly my writing had no dangling bits.
The whole structure is a weighted ball, dangling from a string.
Instead of dangling his legs down the sides of his horse, he squatted high in his stirrups.
The last thing you'd want to put on a streamlined, hydrodynamic body is a dangling bag.
The carrot is tied to a string dangling on the end of the stick, so that it can be positioned ahead of the donkey.
It had been decapitated and was dangling by a rope tied around the armpits.
Or perhaps it thinks that only by dangling countries over the abyss will they understand the need to reform.
In fact its composition was more apt, if no less uncomfortable: hundreds of dangling prophylactics.
Homes sit empty with wires dangling out of their stucco exteriors where sconces should be.
Keeping owners on board can entail wielding sticks as well as dangling carrots.
It seems to me that low-hanging fruit dangling over a fence above the sidewalk can and is often seen as community property.
Sure, there are bigger backpacks out there with plenty of dangling straps and pockets you'll never use.
Then he lifted his shirt to reveal a heavy, boxlike device dangling from his neck.
The stuffed monkey dangling from the entrance to the scanner did little to cheer up the scene.
The rickety feel of century-old coasters meets the foot-dangling precariousness of inverted coasters.
He spun the protein around and eyed a loop dangling from the end of the largest helix.
Too often music to your ears means a tangle of dangling cords and a case of bad hair.
She put on makeup and perfume every morning, and dangling earrings.
Depending on your aesthetic, you can cut out shapes and drill holes for dangling pendants.
He sits in a relaxed position, forearm on knee, elongated hand dangling.
Dangling thirty floors up, straddled between bamboo poles without a safety line or inspiring music.
Dangling from a rope on an ice cliff does not leave you many options other than to start climbing again.
My first thoughts were of us dangling off a power line or becoming a vibrant fresco on the side of a house.
The guy had two mules, one that he rode and one that was packed with things dangling off the side.
The killers left the dead in the open, ropes dangling from broken necks.
She races down three flights to where the crewman struggles to secure the precarious, dangling line.
The onslaught left them dangling precariously over the bay and within inches of plunging in and being swept away.
Leave no dangling ends as you move to the next point.
That's what happens when you see a picture of two disembodied feet dangling at the bottom of a body bag.
It has feathery deciduous leaves, smooth light-brown bark, and showy pink blossoms that produce dangling flat pods.
Avoid dangling electrical wires and downed power lines.
Each plant may have a branching stem with several pairs of leaves, but only a single dangling root.
In the winter, birch are also easy to identify by the dangling flower clusters in small bunches.
The ropes that were supposed to keep the balloon in one place had come untied and were dangling below the balloon.
Visitors should look for wisps of lichens and mosses dangling from oak branches throughout the reserve.
Carry a purse close to your body, not dangling by the straps.
Earrings worn by females must be small, no dangling or loop type earrings.
The central figure, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, appears lost in thought.
They can sometimes be seen dangling from a silken dragline after a leap that fails.
There are no dangling arcs, unlabeled polygons or other topological errors.
Do not attach extra padding or dangling toys to the safety seat.

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