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Example sentences for dangled

It dived, and when it surfaced, a four-foot caiman dangled from its mouth.
If he had dangled the pen from a string, it would have hung at a ninety-degree angle with respect to the tilted floor.
My empty stocking dangled above the space heater from a clothesline shimmering with silver icicles.
Yellow sale tags dangled not only from the clothes and accessories but also from the register counter itself.
When he started to sob, he said, one of the officers dangled a bag of cocaine and threatened to frame him.
But two years later, the end dangled in plain sight.
The one secured anchor line dangled over the roof edge following the incident.
If no live food is available, a carnivorous insect sometimes may be tempted to accept a piece of raw meat dangled from a thread.
He was yanked thirty-five feet into the air, where he dangled strangling for nine minutes and four seconds.
He had a barely perceptible, light brown groove on the right corner of his mouth where his cigarette dangled.
My right shoulder was hanging by a thread, and the spouting forearm dangled from it.
The rod dangled in the river attached by a short line to a lure snagged in the brush.
Each rider uses a short, wooden pointed spear, and the rings are dangled from a bar at a proper height.
Some fishermen tied a lure made of feathers to a line and dangled it in the water.
Strands of wire followed the sloping rafters half their length and dangled above the table.

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A Clock stopped— Not the Mantel's— Geneva's farthest skill Can't put the puppet bowing— That just now dangle... more
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