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Her skin was ghostly, her blood dangerously short of red cells.
To the officer who arrested him, the ancient story suddenly sounded dangerously contemporary.
One could argue that the values of both real estate and higher education are dangerously subject to collective delusion.
When wings are mis-matched in nature, flight-if possible at all-can be dangerously unpredictable.
These three cod populations are thought to be at dangerously low levels, and fishing of them is tightly regulated.
His shiny airplane, a target for government bombers, stands out dangerously in the bleakest liberated zone in the world.
Scientists warn that many shark populations could be dangerously depleted within a decade, barring bold action.
Polar bears have no natural aversion to oil and, in fact, may be dangerously attracted to it.
Food, fuel, and-above all-human endurance had reached dangerously low levels.
The gap between rich and poor has become dangerously wide.
And it is dangerously idiotic when the bad choice in question kills children.
Her blood pressure dipped dangerously low on many occasions.
Most dangerously, for the first time, these accidents and abuses are widely within the reach of individuals or small groups.
Unfortunately, we're wrong, and possibly dangerously so.
Repeated warnings have proved ineffective, and between warnings dangerously unsanitary products have been shipped.
On its first vocalization, the beautifully intense symphony of roars seemed dangerously close.
If there were ever a time to move beyond our dangerously facile debate about cosmetic surgery, it's now.
Lamont protested that this was a dangerously leisurely response.
Futilely but dangerously, it tries to fence the electronic frontier.
Three- dollar bets were for the few who thrived on living dangerously.
After all, the banking industry came dangerously close to collapse.
When it comes to foods that one can actually make from scratch, the distrust veers dangerously close to disdain.
Hers is a childish and arrogant faith, dangerously let loose upon the household that surrounds her.
Your position statement is dangerously naive and remarkable in its lack of sophistication.
She shook it dangerously close to a flame, and looked at my father.
As a result of these techniques, armament programs may be dangerously delayed.
All err the more dangerously, as they each follow a truth.
Yes, and the more dangerously, since thy sickness is insensible.
All three started with dangerously stretched household balance-sheets.
At current growth rates, that would leave the economy dangerously close to recession.
If all or any of those factors have now reversed, then perhaps the western model looks dangerously unbalanced.
On many stretches the tarmac, laid to withstand only light traffic, has sagged dangerously.
Rebuffing offers of foreign aid does nothing to tackle a dangerously rising budget deficit.
Policy stances that were inadequate before now look dangerously tight.
They had never met face-to-face, but once sparred dangerously.
When bad news does occur, those investors will be dangerously exposed.
In gales, masts cause ships to heel, sometimes dangerously.
But to attribute the woes of euro-zone government-bond markets solely to evil speculators is dangerously misguided.
Last year, he used his method for spotting bubbles to reveal that oil prices where dangerously inflated.
The more dangerously the technology product, the is more protection level.
To some of you it seems that commerce and entertainment have become dangerously blended.
Even by his standards, however, this new picture is dangerously dour.
More troubling, however, is the fact that the results it provides may be dangerously misleading.
They reduced food intake and increased energy use and thereby became dangerously lean.
Hibernating bats are already dangerously close to depleting their stored fat reserves before they emerge from torpor.
But optimism can slide dangerously into overoptimism.
In fact, people are encouraged to drink water precisely because some dangerously develop lower water addiction.
Otherwise, one could never exercise since it would dangerously reduce the energy balance.
But enforcement is necessary, including total bans when population levels reach dangerously low levels.
Make the drivers test difficult, take away license when someone is caught driving dangerously or carelessly.
If the power steering quits, the car can become dangerously difficult to steer and keep on the road.
He had to position himself dangerously close to the device in order to get a clear shot.
For the second time in less than three years, he's being accused by his employees of being dangerously out of touch.
They fail to fight off infections as they are meant to and collect dangerously in organs, blocking their functions.
That's walking dangerously-better slip on your flip-flops to avoid the cops.
The real work comes in sorting out the dangerously crazy from the harmlessly crazy.
The principle behind the adversarial trial system is dangerously flawed.
She had a low-grade fever, and her blood pressure became dangerously low whenever she sat up.
If people knew the location of water in such a dangerously hot place, surely they'd mark it somehow.
To control dangerously high outputs of toxins from factories, thats entirely appropriate.
Jeez, there are some dangerously ignorant people out there.
He's dangerously close to perpetuating the hoax, though.
Most dangerously, for the first time, these accidents and abuses are widely within the reach of individuals or small groups.
These proposals were widely adopted-and turned out to be dangerously misleading.
She went to a local hospital, where she learned that her blood count was dangerously low.
In works by these artists, light and atmosphere become increasingly invasive and almost dangerously palpable.
People often forget to donate food during the summer months and food pantries for the hungry are dangerously low.
The sides of the cooking pot, lid and pot handles get dangerously hot, posing severe burn hazards.

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