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Something needs to be done about this dangerous intersection, he said, examining the damage.
Blood clots travel, which is why they are dangerous.
Marijuana never should have been included on the list of dangerous drugs.
The seas dropping water level is leading to dangerous consequences.
The tobacco industry has known for decades how to remove a dangerous isotope from cigarettes but has done nothing about it.
She cheerfully obliges, telling the visitors that the craters are old features-probably not dangerous right now.
Hirsch's site is dangerous because it makes you want to shop.
And it's making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process.
He would have been more dangerous with a sling and stone.
There is absolutely nowhere to bike and if so, would be dangerous getting there.
Other dangerous locations include hollows and low, enclosed areas that catch cold air as it sinks, then hold it motionless.
Baking bread might be a relaxing weekend activity, but making the flour that goes into that bread is a dangerous business.
It turns out my problem was a simple, but dangerous food intolerance causing widespread inflammation in my muscles and nerves.
Make sure you have room for it--cutting it back is dangerous because of its caustic sap.
Whereas the lakes are rare and beautiful, they can also be dangerous.
Demonized as dangerous predators, they were routinely shot.
The cold proved even more dangerous than heat for the mango trees.
However well intended some of the people involved may be or pretend to be, it is still a potentially dangerous scam.
Chimneys need care and attention and can be dangerous if they don't get it.
Standing in the waves throwing the net is dangerous but exhilarating.
Dangerous bacteria are developing resistance to existing antibiotics faster than humans can invent or discover new drugs.
These bugs provide control of plant-damaging insects, minimizing the need of more dangerous traditional insecticides.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
But that hasn't made us immune to the dangerous and costly effects of weather.
Even more dangerous than a really sharp knife is a really dull one.
And there is a sad history of chimps being abandoned or killed when they get too old and too dangerous to be cute.
Might be liability issues, since a fast sled can be dangerous for little kids.
However, a nonconfrontational statement is often perceived as weak by the student, and it can actually be more dangerous.
Solitary, aggressive, and dangerous to know-that's how many people view rattlesnakes.
If something is dangerous, treat it as dangerous and treat anyone who tries to bring it on as potentially dangerous.
In the hands of trained fundraisers, lists of non-givers are not dangerous.
They are convinced that the world is warming in a dangerous way and something needs to be done.
Weird, dangerous jewelry that is functional, but if you used it you would probably cause yourself some irreparable damage.
The book was dangerous because children and parents would think it was okay to give kids aspirin.
But these have dangerous machines, which put them in conflict with federal law.
High-tech harvesting and wasteful management have brought world fish stocks to dangerous lows.
It's about baboons, stress vaccines and the often dangerous effects of glucocorticoids.
In our quest for energy to heat homes and run machinery, humans are pumping a stew of dangerous chemicals into the air and water.
Meerkats take on a dangerous puff adder that encroaches on their territory.
Driving was dangerous in the slick, halfinch- deep volcanic dust.
So executive authority around the globe has so expanded and become so much more dangerous.
It is a tough craft, in a tough, often dangerous setting.
Well, the main point is that driving in general is dangerous.
When scientific research produces results potentially dangerous to the public, science must give way to security.
Allowing administrative officers too much power to create policy is dangerous because it upsets the balance.
To me, it is an image of mystery that is both compelling and dangerous.
The resulting strains are dramatically more dangerous.
It is legally flawed, economically dangerous and unnecessary.
Critics have already predicted it will be either ineffectual or dangerous.
Left turns out of the driveway are more dangerous than left turns in.
The fact that they occur naturally does not, in and of itself, make them not potentially dangerous.
We found out that what was dangerous to us was funny to him.
But the hushing of the criticism of honest opponents is a dangerous thing.
His first care in that exalted and dangerous station was to watch over his own soul.
If our sciences are futile in the objects they propose, they are no less dangerous in the effects they produce.
Airplane turbulence isn't as dangerous as it might seem.
Dangerous wandering a lesser known side of autism.
Even if you know to swim parallel to the shoreline until you escape the current, this can be a dangerous situation.
We shouldn't be wasting any more brain power or resources on such a dangerous, short-sighted energy policy.
Delay will allow time for debate on regulating potentially dangerous research.
If however it is well proven that it is dangerous to be used as directed it should be eliminated as have other products.
Public policies aimed at forcing salt reductions are misguided and potentially dangerous, he says.
But out in the world, traditional microbes are an important line of defense against external and possibly dangerous invaders.
But being a smoking hot rock or pop star may be even more dangerous.
Those with sleep apnea often suffer from increased sleepiness during waking hours, which can be dangerous when driving-or flying.
However, the legal precedent created by not needing to disclose how our food is made is extremely dangerous.
The monitoring can help reveal dangerous sinkhole zones in their early stages.
The giraffe's stature can be a disadvantage as well-it is difficult and dangerous for a giraffe to drink at a water hole.
Mildly elevated radioactivity has been detected at some sites but not at levels that appear dangerous.
Despite their giant mouths, the sharks are not considered dangerous and feed mainly on plankton.
Too-curious humans can receive a quite painful and potentially dangerous sting from these spines.
In the world of tipped economies, equal opportunity loses to the reinforcement of prejudices dangerous to society.
The first was that food could be dangerous, especially to those who loved it.
The colors, thank goodness, are not so dark as to appear dangerous.
Must be intense stuff to be dangerous at such low levels.
Infantrymen volunteer to enter dangerous environments, a task many of them enjoy.
Bizarrely enough, as housing policy evolves, this dangerous business is seen by many as the solution.
Now, it is possible that having a gun is actually on net dangerous to you and your family.
And besides, the arms race between viruses and our genes may mean health is a moving target, one that would be dangerous to reach.
But packing so much energy into a small space is also dangerous.
While a laptop fire can be dangerous, batteries for such devices only involve a few cells.
Robots have been considered too unpredictable and dangerous to work alongside humans in factories.
Computer malware is insidious and dangerous but there are well known limits to the kinds of attacks that it can be used to mount.
It may also shed light on why the immune system sometimes spirals out of control, resulting in dangerous inflammation.
The trend seems both salubrious and potentially dangerous.
What makes smart phones attractive--the ability to customize them by downloading applications--is what makes them dangerous.
All anyone has to do to get an idea of how dangerous the drugs are would be to open a copy of the prescribing info on the web.
Cars are dangerous enough, without the problem of a cyberattack thrown in the mix.
The problem is that the alcohol in the beer is a pretty dangerous drug.
Technology of this power, for this price, should be considered more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
The runoff contains large amounts of feces that can cause dangerous algae blooms, for example.
Injecting a stem-cell-attracting factor encourages tissue regeneration, but sticking needles into the heart is dangerous.
There are few moments more dangerous to an autocracy.
When threatened, they flatten their narrow heads into a triangle, mimicking the shape of their more dangerous cousins.
Thanks to those pathogens, a punch in the mouth can be dangerous-for the aggressor.
Nitrogen also contaminates drinking water, making it especially dangerous for infants.
Most of those bacteria actually help to keep the skin healthy by competing with dangerous pathogens for nutrients.
The main worry was that the mechanical version might be more efficient and thus more dangerous.
Military helicopters would simply be too expensive and dangerous for such a task.
Dan, a scientist working on dangerous viruses, is giving a visitor a tour of his lab.
Your dosages of a much more dangerous form of particulate than is found in cigarette smoke are tremendously increased.
Climatologists fear global temperatures may be reaching a dangerous tipping point.
All cell phone usage while driving could be dangerous.
Psychologists have found that teenagers are about as adept as adults at recognizing the risks of dangerous behavior.
One can imagine it would have been a dangerous quality among our ancestors as well.
The only ethical reason to ban steroids if they are dangerous and harmful even when used properly.
Much of our training was dangerous, and injuries were common.
All they knew about our job is that it was dangerous.
Vastly more dangerous, and common, is tapping crude directly out of the pipelines themselves.
Art itself could be the crime-could be scary and dangerous enough to shoulder my rebellion.
Yet our patterns of meat consumption have become increasingly dangerous for both individuals and the planet.
The message from scientists at this point couldn't be clearer: the world's emissions trajectory is extremely dangerous.
He looks slobby and barkeeper fat until he swings into his delivery, when he becomes loose and light and dangerous.
But also important is the dangerous state of the region's economies.
Much of the problem simply has to do with sea levels-as these rise, any storm or storm surge becomes more dangerous.
The doctors were often not recognized to be dangerous until they had done considerable damage.
The e-mail points at a couple themes that have emerged in the campaign, and the dangerous way they are intertwined.
It was dangerous, but far less so than the disease itself.
In a nutshell, it is that too much debt is always dangerous.
The message is that biotechnology in the twenty-first century is as dangerous as nuclear technology in the twentieth.
However, the views they ascribe to us are not our views and the norms they suggest seem to us wrong and dangerous.
Indeed, the law as amended continues to contain extraordinarily dangerous principles.
It is easy to forget today how dangerous malaria continues to be.
To deny the urgency of strong action in the face of all the evidence is unscientific, irrational, and dangerous.
Early warning in either instance could have saved the world from a dangerous encounter.
The popularity of mobile devices has had some unintended and even dangerous consequences.

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