damping in a sentence

Example sentences for damping

Far more effective in damping down complaints about press controls than actually showing the report would have been.
But the total energy decrease from losing the higher energy excitations to damping dominates.
Describes the building's active motion damping system, built into the top of the structure.
These structures have elastic energy-storage devices at the ankle and hip, and a damping device at the knee joint.
Instead of optimum damping constants, it uses the heading noise factor and ignores the other constants.
The fact that a car uses driven wheels creates a self-damping system that ensures the wheels will stay on the ground.
It has adaptive damping with five settings in normal mode and five more in sport.
New adaptive damping suspension that uses a wide range of on-road and driver inputs to tune the suspension.
Ford implemented sound-damping materials seemingly everywhere, from the roof to the transmission tunnel and the hood to the trunk.
Good air circulation is key to preventing the evil fungal disease called damping off.
It has taken nearly two years, much head-scratching and the fitting of huge viscous damping units to solve the problem.
Papering over some of the party's history has helped them too, damping public demands for political change.
Together, these three moves have the effect of damping the industry's cyclicality, maintaining loyalty and widening ownership.
Damping volatility in sheltered markets increases it in open ones.
Contra-cyclical capital requirements would go long way toward damping extremes.
The theory of shimmy damping is investigated including tire friction, spindle bearing friction, and hydraulic damping.
The damping coefficient shall be based on linear interpolation for damping levels other than those given.
Chickpea seeds are always treated before planting to control damping-off and root rot.
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