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To be a wall with a damper a stream of pounding way and nearly enough choice makes a steady midnight.
Some believe that kids put a damper on their intellectualism.
Perhaps this will put a damper on those who advocate against the use of antibiotics for strep throat.
Extra security measures adopted since the riots are likely to put a lasting damper on tourism here.
Adult safety concerns seem to put a damper on children's physical activity levels, say the researchers.
They were a damper upon our flight for the time being.
But then the damper snapped shut on its own, filling the room with smoke.
It certainly would put something of a damper, in the end, on the open and free nature of the web.
In any event, both versions of strict materialism put a damper on cosmic speculation.
Open the fireplace damper before lighting a fire and keep it open until the ashes are cool.
And that, sadly, has put a damper on an otherwise hilarious comedic performance.
Similar to a soda bread, damper is a yeast-free bread made of flour, milk or water and baking soda.
The fitness center and indoor pool make it family-friendly, if the weather should put a damper on outdoor recreation.
If the weather threatens to put a damper on your outdoor plans, don't worry.
One step on this spiny creature can put a real damper on a vacation, so it's best to be prepared on the spot.
Other times, an afternoon shower can put a damper on the boat trip.
Industrial pollution puts a damper on snorkeling and swimming in some areas.
Jet lag can be a debilitating syndrome that will put a total damper on your trip if it is left unchecked.
Their significant age difference certainly didn't put a damper on the couple's social life.
Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is going.
Damper hunting is characterized by inadequately damped oscillations in damper position about the required damper position.
Damper shall be installed at the locations shown on the plans.
As the damper opens, static pressure in the duct drops, signaling the fan to increase air delivery.
Damper actuators shall be mounted in accordance with manufacturers instructions provided with the unit.
Open the fireplace damper before lighting the fire and keep it open until the ashes are cool.
Once combustion airflow is proven, via airflow switch and damper end switch, boilers shall be allowed to fire.
When the manual damper option is used, the manual damper is field-set to provide a specific amount of ventilation.
Install damper motors on outside of duct in warm areas, not in locations exposed to outdoor temperatures.
The freeze-stat may close the outdoor air damper and disconnect the supply air when tripped.

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