dampen in a sentence

Example sentences for dampen

In younger people the map stays sharp thanks to cells that dampen neural activity between areas representing different body parts.
Nicotine modifies these signaling processes and may help dampen extraneous neuronal activity.
She wears earplugs and rests her head on foam cushions to dampen the device's roar, as loud as a jet engine.
At the same time, microbial predators such as protozoa tend to dampen the efficiency of would-be oil-eating microbes.
Experts say the shift could dampen demand, although some hybrids will look better on paper than others.
Not to dampen the holiday spirit, but the world is a dangerous place.
The image depicts a galaxy that contains strangely dense clouds of dust that dampen the burst's visible light.
Designers have also developed an array of coatings and composite materials to help soak up radar waves and dampen heat.
Then he tried to dampen the radiation by using a ferrite shield, but that became blazingly hot.
Dampen the mix before using it by pouring it into a clean bucket, then stirring in enough water to make it moist but not soggy.
Regulation, however, didn't dampen enthusiasm for the events.
The system would dampen window panes, which are the major source of incoming sound.
However a magnetic field would dampen hydrogen loss due to capturing ions and shielding from solar wind attrition.
Higher feed costs will dampen broiler producer's zest to sharply expand production.
The defensively worded memo was designed instead to dampen expectations.
Even if either of them play exceedingly well, the log-jam at shooting guard will dampen any fun.
No one would want to dampen a network executive's professed optimism.
And the layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
And layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
The government has been trying to dampen things down by targeting speculative transactions.
Tighter fiscal policy in emerging economies would help dampen price pressure.
But recession would normally dampen down price rises.
Much as these demand-side factors dampen the housing market, the supply side arguably has an even bigger effect on prices.
Moreover, the political aftermath of the hurricane may dampen lawmakers' already tepid enthusiasm for budget-cutting.
Nothing would dampen his creative impulse, nor reduce the innumerable strands of his inspiration.
The historical record does not support the claim that high marginal tax rates dampen the economy.
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