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Example sentences for damning

Several statistics seemed to support this damning conclusion.
The physical evidence is overwhelming, and witnesses have yielded damning testimony.
They have proven over and over again that they will merely discredit all the important damning reports that they can.
Don't take an unnecessary risk, because the potential consequence is damning us all.
However, it is also not the damning phrase that the author suggests.
But he sees clearly that everything must be risked for the sake of that damning piece of evidence.
But, self-serving though the book may be, it offers enough inside information to be a damning read.
From a scientific perspective, this is hardly damning.
Others practiced what might be called damning with faint pride.
To me they always seem a bit patronizing and almost damning, rather than celebratory.
Those damning words come not from any industry lobby or right-wing think-tank.
In a damning report, the commission slammed the army's top leadership.
The verdict of outside commentators was damning and unanimous.
It received damning report-cards from abroad and was accused of being reluctant to co-operate with foreign authorities.
Yet the commission's report is not entirely damning.
But the vote was a damning judgment on him personally.
On the face of it, these discoveries look damning, both of science and of scientists.
As a damning pile of information has come to light, the government has gone mute.
But don't ignore such a wide range of arguably damning facts which have surfaced of this election.
The charge sheet against the government is long and damning.
It's all pretty damning, especially coming from a top cop.
She was particularly adroit at the art of damning with faint praise.
But she is given the last word, the final retort, and it's damning.
The emails released weren't damning at all, and didn't show scientists tinkering with or faking data.
These results are pretty damning for the brain-training industry.
Rodi's failure to offer an explanation for his unyielding pursuit of a transfer is damning.
Both cameras were useful, but also damning to umpires.
He's kept his cool, stayed on message, thrown off a few quips and not blurted out any damning admissions.
It's easy to take one or two damning pieces of evidence and say there, he must have done it.

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