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If there were damages to pay, the tenant had to foot them.
In addition to compensatory damages the courts began to award punitive damages.
Now take a step back and ask the question regarding other damages to the living tissues.
It damages many fuel system components, increases air pollution such as ozone and formaldehyde.
Make fossil fuels pay for the damages they cause both on our health and our property.
With somewhat higher climate damages, though, higher oil prices end up actually looking good.
All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality.
For years, tobacco companies faced and won lawsuits in which smokers claimed damages for ailments caused or aggravated by smoking.
Obviously, they want to keep the amount of damages as small as possible.
Bad press damages public shareholders but can benefit the hearty souls who stand by the company.
Attacking their statistics damages their credibility and clouds the nation's political and economic understanding.
Some monetary damages could theoretically result from these reviews.
No one is injured without some lawyer suggesting an action to recover damages.
Any public opinion that damages the bilateral relationship is good for neither country.
We will probably seek damages in excess of two trillion dollars.
The jury had suggested it was stuck on the question of damages about an hour before its verdict was announced.
The lawsuit seeks, among other things, back wages and an unspecified amount of compensatory damages.
Blackboard is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages and royalty payments.
They seek unspecified financial damages on behalf of thousands of students.
If so, they should sue for damages, and the police should pay them.
Unfortunately, the resulting damages to the target after being submitted to the daily tactics of a bully are beyond measure.
Either way, the law suit would no longer be clogging up the courts because there are now no damages.
Acid rain also damages forests, especially those at higher elevations.
Check out the chief damages caused by the harmful species.
The entire park would be off-limits for oil and gas exploration, and fishing gear that damages seabed habitats would be banned.
The families of the dead are also seeking millions of dollars in civil damages.
We must punish them: since they alone are accountable for the damages already done.
Sorry to poo in your pudding but there is quite a bit of evidence that pot use damages the brain rather heavily.
Then if they become more frequent and intense that only amplifies damages.
And they know that it kills when the lack of oxygen irreparably damages the brain and other vital organs.
The destruction of our non-native forests damages the environment in many ways.
And as the article highlights, this is irresponsible and damages the environment.
They receive milder prison sentences and higher damages in simulated legal proceedings.
In particular, a whistleblower who can prove that he was unjustly sacked will be reinstated and awarded damages.
The economic damages you are talking about are mostly psychological damages.
Some legislators are talking about changing the legal limit to the amount of third-party damages the company can be sued for.
The first claims for damages from victims have also begun.
The policy damages families and upsets the balance between generations.
There will also be huge claims for damages and, eventually, fines.
The committee rejects sweeping proposals for reform, such as statutory caps on the size of libel damages.
Oil pollution is unpleasant, damages health, wealth and the environment.
The only thing the court now has to rule on are the damages.
It damages tourism and imposes an extra cost on foreign investors.
When time is of the essence, a ban now may be worth far more than damages later.
He then used his highly trained legal brain to calculate the damages he was owed.
Newspapers are being inundated with claims for damages.
Add to that the possibility of yet more repayments to the firm and of damages being awarded.
Punitive damages would also be available, but only if prosecutors could be shown to have lied in seeking to justify a detention.
The suit is asking for damages of an unspecified amount.
In a civil case, the successful plaintiff receives only monetary damages.
It would be interesting to know exactly which pollutants caused the observed damages.
Nature teaches biologists how to beat back the sun and repair what it damages.
Cocaine also damages the heart wall itself, although why this occurs is not well understood.
If it damages it's mouth, it may not be able to eat.
Glaucoma damages the end of the optic nerve that connects to the retina, causing a gradual loss of vision.
Over a lifetime, this essential set of defensive mechanisms runs out of bounds and gradually damages organs throughout the body.
The damages included what appeared to be an attempt to reconstruct the jaw.
The toxin damages the endothelial cells, which make up the inner lining of blood vessels.
Early sustained cortisol exposure also damages the hippocampus, a part of the brain that regulates mood and memory.
No, they are supposed to keep on doing their jobs, which includes paying for the damages and cooperating with the investigation.
The current standard is even worse than seeking recourse in the event of damages.
And that would be unacceptable since your civilization is still a long way from having the ability to repay us for the damages.
We've won in the millions of dollars in damages, but it cost millions to litigate.
Punitive damages may be awarded to punish an employer who has committed an especially malicious or reckless act of discrimination.
Therefore, the resulting data are to be considered rough estimates, and may be largely unrepresentative of actual damages.
Upon commencement of a civil action, the complaint must not seek punitive damages.

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