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As anyone with cartilage damage from a sports injury knows, there's not a whole lot doctors can do to help.
Taking regular doses of antimalarial drugs can have long-term side effects, such as hearing loss and liver and kidney damage.
Besides the loss of life and economic damage in reef collisions, environmental damage can be catastrophic.
Such damage has caused loss of vision in millions of people around the world.
Knee replacement surgery repairs damage and relieves pain in patients with severe osteoarthritis or knee injury.
Nerve damage may cause you to lose feeling in your arms and legs.
Not to speak of the damage which is not visible in a standard view of the exterior of a car.
Animals that are not directly killed by an oil spill may still suffer indirectly due to habitat damage.
He was encouraged in this change of heart by the housing collapse, in which the market for lawn seed was collateral damage.
Be sure to keep milky sap away from eyes, as it can cause severe damage.
One telltale sign that you've done damage to your ears is when you leave a loud venue with ringing ears.
Officer dispatched to take a report of damage done to a motor vehicle.
The real damage to the coast comes from a myriad small parts that add up to one big whole.
Other studies have also shown that stem cells can heal spinal damage.
Unlike damage to the spinal cord, an injured nerve in the body can repair itself.
In colder part of range, expect frost damage and unattractive winter appearance.
Often physical development is horribly wrong when there is severe brain damage.
Global warming may damage health and cause fatal disease.
Astronauts had to check for damage from debris that came off the fuel tank minutes after liftoff.
We should note, however, that workers have also been devising strategies that compensate for cord damage instead of repairing it.
The species was one of the first known to face extinction because of human damage to its habitat.
When you see damage and need to spray, add one tablespoon of the mixture to a pint of water.
That's not the route you want to go if you want to avoid collateral damage.
Lessons learned from newts, fish, and mutant mice could help humans repair cardiac damage.
Off-road vehicles, when used irresponsibly, can cause irreparable damage to desert habitats.
If the damage is not too extensive, cancerous or precancerous cells are created from healthy cells.
And larger birds can cause crippling and catastrophic damage.
Damage to those big, bold, fleshy leaves is highly visible.
The damage can heal itself over time, so there will be no permanent change to your heart.
The possibility of a spill that could cause severe environmental damage is one of the concerns opponents have raised.
Frances was not considered a major hurricane at landfall but still caused severe damage.
Antisocial or criminal behavior may stem from damage to the part of the brain that governs moral reasoning.
University officials had lobbied to prevent those cutbacks, arguing that they would damage academic studies conducted there.
And yes, early detection would be key to starting on a spectrum of anti-oxidant regimen before damage accrues.
Use a sharp utility knife to cut out a clean square where the damage is.
Others say the bird is being made a scapegoat for environmental damage caused by humans.
Pressures as little as one atmosphere over normal atmospheric pressure can do that kind of damage.
And while the game allows players to use drones, they don't do collateral damage.
It's a cheaper antioxidant that protects the dye from sun and oxygen damage.
The grey areas show patterns of damage on the skull.
Larger-leafed types are more susceptible to winter damage.
In the open sea, tsunami waves are low swells that do no damage.
That's an important question, because the duration of an earthquake helps determine how much damage it will do.
Scientists warn that the damage could be irreversible.
Besides deforming plants, the galls may cause serious damage by interrupting the flow of water and nutrients.
The same damage may occur in city dwellers exposed to normal air, the researchers say.
That's the brain's ability to function in spite of damage.
Frost damage with quick recovery possible in climates specified for each species.
These stronger storms can increase damage to human structures when they make landfall.
Oxygen is vital for life-without it, severe brain damage may ensue in as little as three minutes.
They're harvested by hand-raking, which doesn't damage the sea floor.
The birds target and gobble up insects during the brief window of time before the bugs start doing damage.
Fracking can do even more damage to underground drinking water.
Recovers slowly from frost damage add to my plant list.
She told me that bear damage to east mountain hives is not uncommon.
Chlorofluorocarbons, which are still found in the atmosphere, continue to damage the ozone layer.
High temperatures won't damage it, so you can put hot pots and pans on the surface.
In cold-winter climates, where freeze damage occurs, remove all dead and injured stems.
Squash bugs cause leaves to wilt and may damage fruit.
Battery operated, they shut off automatically and have overload protection to avoid damage.
Where winters are cold, it's crucial to mulch strawberries to prevent winter damage.
Subject to damage from sucking insects and mites add to my plant list.
The damage it could cause our inner-office relationship would be irreconcilable.
Chervil is quite susceptible to this damage because its leaves are so thin.
Since this method cuts right through leaves, it's best done on small-leafed plants, where damage is less noticeable.
Foliage is somewhat more prone to freeze damage than that of other species.
It has not yet taken even basic measures to reduce possible damage to public health in areas exposed to herbicides.
The bigger claims refer to the structure's ability to resist damage to itself.
The damage caused by the coffee berry borer is commonly put at half a billion dollars a year.
They're now searching for ways of fixing that damage with mitochondria-targeting drugs.
Some circular formations are visited by thousands of these enthusiasts, causing further damage to crops and sometimes property.
Yet simply halting floodwaters and preventing short-term damage is not enough.
Some special weapons do damage that is specific to shield or hull.
Wind speeds are estimated by surveying damage to buildings.
But the damage has been done, and has left many in college athletics wondering what other rocks have yet to be overturned.
It is harder to mitigate the immense economic damage natural disasters inflict.
As both a caterpillar and a moth, the diamondback can do major damage to a field of crops.
If one of them broke a string on his sandals, the other two would wait until the damage was repaired.
Weird, dangerous jewelry that is functional, but if you used it you would probably cause yourself some irreparable damage.
Ironically, many of these wounds may have been caused by a weapon designed to reduce collateral damage.
Newspapers reported that the creams could cause skin irritation and damage to the liver and lungs.
Even so, hibernation does not damage the heart or brain.
One can only imagine what damage this guy could cause.
The hurricane caused billions of dollars'-worth of damage.
Several studies have now shown that the popular drug causes permanent brain damage.
We've got to figure out ways to use these fuels as energy sources that don't damage the planet.
It can cause further damage by turning their blood acidic.
If you keep tender plants on the dry side, many will make it through the cold months with little or no damage.
The damage actually done was great, and the damage threatened was incalculable.
In operation it would do far more damage than it could remedy.
They were under fire for more than two hours and every vessel was struck many times, but with little damage to the gunboats.
These might run down at night and inflict great damage upon us before they could be sunk or captured by our navy.
There was no spring to open it, and if the mechanism became rusty it could be opened with a brick without serious damage.
Don't scuffle with the potter for he makes money by the damage.
The gunboats, however, ploughed their way through without other damage than to their appearance.
But it can cause ego damage if the mob of students in his course on personal finance gets disorderly online.
She requested anonymity to protect her business's reputation from damage.
When that happens, future parties with more sympathetic cases become collateral damage.
It seems that wherever human technology and wildlife meet, damage is inevitable.
Plants sealed off from the bats had more leaf damage and were more infested with insects than the other two groups.
We can only wonder what magnitude of brain damage he suffered.
And beyond the physical damage, they say, there is reason to believe that rampant incivility is damaging to the soul.
The ash's unique mix of minerals appears to have helped the concrete withstand chemical decay and damage.
The roof of one of the side chapels had collapsed from water damage, destroying sections of the murals.
It can permanently damage hearing, depending on how it's used.
Ash and toxic gases can cause lung damage and other problems, particularly for infants and the elderly.
Solar panels should be kept away from objects which can cause damage, such as trees.
Without this protective layer, people are more susceptible to skin cancer and eye damage, scientists say.
Container ships and tankers can damage habitat with their hulls and anchors.
And the wilderness areas have strict overnight camping ceilings to prevent overcrowding and damage to the flora and fauna.
So spinal damage, a common cause of paralysis, does not affect these nerves.
Ecuadoreans were the main beneficiaries from the oil-although some of them suffered some damage from it.
He found that damage to certain genes was a cause of cancer.
The big drawback is that this would damage creditors' rights.
Some people will be surprised, even dismayed, that comparatively modest climate changes are already doing measurable damage.
In some conditions the effect can appear to show no radiation damage at all, he adds.
But it seems that nothing has been done to limit its possible damage.
Until now, only landowners who suffered damage could get a state permit to hunt the tusked beast from the air.
Several flood-damaged automobiles will be sold without accurate damage reports.
There's a risk of brain damage for the amateurs too, despite their use of head protection.
It is unknown exactly how many of the freshwater mussels were affected by the damage to their habitat.
People don't understand the level of damage done by mountaintop removal until they can see the world from above.
Bullets do not have to enter the brain to do lasting neurological damage.
The important thing is that you use a material that won't damage the tender vines.
Apple has a history of being incredibly strict when it comes to water damage.
Coffee could reduce the risk of serious liver damage.
Other psychologists produced evidence of similarly deep and sustained damage in neglected and orphaned children.
In cognitive science, incidents of brain damage are nature's experiments.
In one, data from a test used to diagnose brain damage were given to a group of clinical psychologists and their secretaries.
If you can get to an emergency room within an hour, the chances of limiting the stroke's damage are better.
But the possibility of a civil-damage suit presents complexities that are not present in an ordinary case.
The toxin is now gone, but the damage it has done is not.
They screw around with people and laugh about it, but they don't do any real damage.
But if you move on quickly, minimizing the damage, you'll have power over how the mistake is perceived by others.
But people loathe inflation even in moderate doses, where the evidence suggests it does little damage.
The doctors were often not recognized to be dangerous until they had done considerable damage.
He feels that if unfair treatment of blacks continues it will damage the entire country.
If he were to push too far to the rear, he might damage any number of critical nerves.
It's a good present, hardly any rust on the spiral and no water damage to the paper.
The big question is whether signals from cell phones or cell phone towers can damage biological tissue.
Researchers have shown that three novel imaging techniques can detect mild brain damage not visible using traditional methods.
In the cortical stimulation procedure, doctors first map the extent of the damage using brain imaging.
Understanding how blast waves damage the brain should help to diagnose, treat and prevent these injuries.
The damage that results from concussions is typically too subtle to be detected with traditional brain imaging technologies.
Because laser beams are energetic and focused, they could cause permanent damage to the eye.
Doctors can't do much in cases of severe muscle damage.
But stopping the heart increases the risk of brain damage.
Once there's a spike, there's a limited amount of time you have to act before it does permanent damage to the optic nerve.
Dropping a cell phone or laptop can, of course, cause irreparable damage.
Alzheimer's disease begins to damage the brain years before the first symptoms appear.
Others can cause damage from a distance by emitting high energy photons.
Researchers also speculated that there would be damage to the white matter.
One of the researchers' biggest challenges is designing a surgical procedure and implant that won't damage the eye.
These hits could result not only in concussions but also long-term brain damage.
The display can also be folded in half or crumpled up without incurring any damage.
If they sue for some aspect of the damage done to their homes and land, they end up in court for years at great personal expense.
He was also, frankly, worried about his own situation-it was time for damage control.
The case was settled, but the collateral damage was severe.
The damage done by the ages to the building, and by past empires and occupations, cannot all be put right.
Speed control was difficult, perhaps because of damage to the tail.
He apologizes, halfheartedly, but the damage is done.
The paper's hacking culture was sustained and voracious, and the damage is only now being fully tabulated.
OK, it amortizes its damage over a longer period of time, but it's still a car that is damaging.
Gel manicures only damage your nails if you peel them off.
Water-boarding can result in damage to the lungs and the brain, as well as long-term psychological trauma.
It's time for us all to have the courage to accept that verdict and find a way to limit the collateral damage.
Several apartments in the north tower have had to have their expensive floors replaced-twice-because of water damage.
It was all a big mistake, she has told friends, one that has caused her irreparable damage.
Actually, these dramas didn't really damage the label.
It could do extensive damage, especially if it exploded in the lower atmosphere.
We try to make a judgment of what dose could be used without causing significant tissue damage.
But that could have been from the shattered ribs rather than damage to the internal organs.
Some are playing at damage control, trying to train native predators to avoid the taste of toads.
The original damage her mitral valve sustained as a result of her childhood rheumatic fever wasn't too serious.
Teams of white blood cells quickly responded to the chemical signal from the hydrogen peroxide and came to repair the damage.
In some extremely severe cases the damage may extend past the dermis to the subcutaneous layer of skin.
Hydrofluoric acid can severely damage the deep tissues of the body yet leave little trace of damage on the skin surface.
Modern science shows that fluoride can enter the brain and cause damage.
My voice will not recover from the damage the bacteria caused.
Things may start to go awry when toxic drugs, loud noises, or even whiplash cause damage to the nerve hairs in the ears.
The health implications of diabetes are daunting-heart disease, nerve damage, and worse-so the search for a cure has been fierce.
They are certainly not ethically satisfying transfers, but it is not clear how they do long-term damage to the economy.
Unless policies and practices change soon, the damage will be impossible to remedy.
The government has moved aggressively, and on several fronts, to stanch the immediate damage.
We rather voluntarily give up a part of or the whole of our bodies than to inflict a damage on the lives of our brothers.
His review can be understood as an attempt at damage control.
Books should not be convicted and imprisoned until after they have done some damage.
The time frame for submitting individual damage reports has expired.
Cities and towns should also note damage to private property.
Water damage from a sprinkler system will be more extensive than fire damage.
Inside the body, they become vulnerable to drugs only after they invade a cell, but any treatment may damage the cell as well.
There's a difference between preventing sunburn and preventing other types of skin damage.

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