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Example sentences for dainty

Time to ditch those dainty-teacup stereotypes.
For centuries, she says, children wore dainty white dresses up to age 6.
She was also wearing a wispy gown, a dainty pearl necklace and petite Victorian-style earrings.
They intend no disrespect, but there's no way to be dainty about this task.
Though we're told in passing that she grew up in a house in the suburbs, she's hardly a dainty soul.
Gilbert is known among friends for looking like a dainty, quiet Ivory soap model but rarely acting like one.
The perennial pepperweed is an attractive plant with dainty white flowers.
Sweeter than those dainty pies.
No one expects dining here to be dainty, and it isn't.
Titan can make some rivals seem almost dainty, others overdone.
The dainty pills insert neatly without closing off the outside world.
Such a dainty item isn't what you'd expect to find in a sailor's pocket.
The effect is almost dainty, the musical equivalent of a curtsy.
These parents are not going to be able to keep their dainty hot-house flowers wrapped up forever.
She twists and dips, raising a ruffled skirt to reveal a dainty foot slipped into a backless shoe.
Any flavor more dainty than a chunk of sizzling pork, with a pad of browned fat and skin, would be lost in the rich flow of beer.
He spotted the bird, its dainty body dramatically offset by a sharply bifurcated tail, perched on a wire above a cemetery.
The discs retain the dainty grace of an antique armrest cover.
Cheese plates in restaurants are often served with a dainty dollop of some rare berry jam or conserve.
Dainty aesthetes and goateed pedants could apply elsewhere.
For spring the dainty look is stepping back in style.
Gone are the days of lightweight and dainty devices.
Old houses with dainty gingerbread trim nestle against rugged rock marked with the tailings of spent mines.
After each dainty step she stopped, turned her head, and waited for him.
Those really hungry are not particular about what they eat, and are by no means dainty.
Under back on either side of backbone may be found two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat, which are dainty tidbits.
The dress watch du jour has a band skinny as a bracelet and a dainty face that says there's no excuse for being fashionably late.
Nevertheless, the figures have convincing form and their dainty faces are carefully modeled with shadow and light.
The slow moving waters in shallow rock pools along the edge of the river are littered with dainty damsels.
Add sugar or honey, and you have a tasty delicacy suitable for the dainty digestion of pharaohs and their princesses.
Underneath, she wears a dainty lingerie set made up of tap pants and a strapless chemise with garters and stockings.

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