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Example sentences for dabble

Called to the bar, he began to practise in the revision courts and to dabble in political journalism.
With your foundation laid, it's time to dabble in motion processing.
Meanwhile, everyone else will likely have to dabble with a data transfer.
In my field, book reviews count for zilch and are something that senior faculty dabble in.
In the process, they are among the first of their generation to dabble with political participation.
Those that did dabble in subprime loans were able to withdraw quickly.
These funds typically back businesses that dabble in clean tech or hire locals.
Twitter is trying to minimise developers' fears by being clearer about the areas it might one day dabble in.
The spread of fast broadband connectivity in many countries has also encouraged people to dabble in online dating.
These same interests dabble with the safety of all nuclear power plants worldwide.
Even more vulnerable are stand-alone hedge funds that borrow heavily to dabble in debt.
But the editorial seems unable to resist the temptation to dabble in political mischief with a subtle twist or two.
Against the backdrop of all of these free agents is the team's ability to dabble in the free-agent market.
Many others don't want to ditch their day jobs but want to dabble in side projects to earn extra dough.
But consider the list of all-time largest contracts and see how the risk grows when you dabble with free agents.
Two, they can dabble on the web and try to use it as a marketing platform to maximize the value of their physical spaces.
As with maps, he did not intend to dabble in these markets, he intended to reinvent them.
Before you can fail upward, you must first dabble sideways.
They dabble in the drums once in a while, but they haven't embraced that yet.
Some animals can even dabble in the languages of other species.
For anyone looking to dabble in the tricky over-the-counter stock market, now might be a good time to start.
Privatization also favors the better off who have the resources and knowledge to dabble in the stock market, say its critics.
Wood ducks are considered surface-feeders or marsh ducks, because while feeding they will tip their back end up and dabble.
Start a softball game, roller skate, or dabble in chalk art.
Ed said he will continue to dabble in stand-up comedy as he has done over the years.
Wealthy consumers also dabble in organic production.
Campers will dabble with combination of slump, slab, and slip techniques when embellishing their clay creations.
Several of those animals also dabble in the film and television industry.
They haven't had to dabble in the street life or in the drug culture.
Some collect things, some practice crafts, some dabble in amateur pastimes or other pursuits.

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