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Example sentences for cynically

Walker, meanwhile, is cynically pitting private employees against public employees.
Secular universities have cynically forsaken biblical studies.
Less cynically, perhaps monotheism itself wasn't the advance, but the things that came along with it were.
Ergo, the lunar endeavors were impossible, and were cynically faked at the expense of gullible people everywhere.
He thought cynically how completely he was lacking in all human sympathy.
They cynically tied it to unemployment hoping voters would connect clean energy with unemployment.
Nevertheless, people routinely and cynically use drug treatment research as a political football.
And even the people who are supposed to be cool with cynically making money off image say she's taken things too far.
And it has been cynically exploited by politicians and generals alike.
Maybe the motives of the extremists this time were simply too cynically obvious to fool anyone.
As you have heard mentioned several times over and over again, the current payment system is cynically unsustainable.
We cannot permit those provisions to be cynically abused for personal profit.
Governmental leaders are viewed cynically by citizens as serving their own self-interests rather than the interests of the public.
These individuals cynically used the suffering and illness of vulnerable people to further their own agenda.
Now, you can cynically say it's kicking the can down the road.
It would not be surprising if they regarded the national park idea, even at that early date, a little cynically.

Famous quotes containing the word cynically

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Great things demand that we either remain silent about them or speak in a great manner: in a great manner, that is—more
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