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It is a voice that more cynical or exhausted ages find annoying.
The quote is commonly recited for its wry pragmatism and seeming cynical irreverence.
Such a cynical and decadent philosophy could not go unchallenged.
Right now it would be cynical to call them off because they are variable.
If anything, it makes people more cynical of the efforts of those in research medicine to actually improve the lives of patients.
Thanks for taking the time to write this and respond to each of the cynical idiots in this article.
The cynical, irritated me feels she knows the answer to these questions.
It would be easy to dismiss that idea as a cynical marketing ploy.
Most specifically, share their cynical and realistic observations with the world.
They may not even carry out the coup out of cynical motives.
The cynical explanation for the persistence of the supply-side dogma is that it's simply cover for cutting taxes for the rich.
The money people made this film during a cynical, distorted contest for supremacy among themselves.
Bush-haters dismissed the initiative as a cynical ploy.
The downside to this approach is that, as a teacher, you run the risk of being disengaged and cynical in your life's work.
But from time to time he uttered cynical maxims about academic work and life that have turned out to be accurate.
Departments can develop cynical, negative cultures that are downright toxic.
They are usually portrayed as grasping, cynical and lacking in any artistic sensibility.
The cynical explanation for all this holds that the government is simply doing the minimum to dispel public anger.
Cynical politicians promise their fellow caste members more jobs and university places.
One diplomat cautions against being overly cynical, however.
Americans, for all their cynical anti-intellectualism, crave the authority of experts.
It's by turns optimistic and cynical, guileless and greedy.
Modern fiction is so often edgy and cynical, or it ends on a heavy, unresolved note.
City dwellers were thought of as cold, cynical, and unfriendly.
We're a cynical bunch-we've seen too much, but we're also diners, people who want good service.
They are at once earnest and cynical about their role.
The hypothesis that the police officers were more cynical than police recruits was examined.
Politics is often viewed as the realm of the cynical, but it is a real-world necessary for the citizenry to prosper.
She's not cynical, but she's not expecting much, either.
The actual political game is much more cynical than that.
It is easy to make cynical arguments about academia, and they all contain a grain of truth.
Instead there was a lot of mushy stuff with children bouncing around, which gives the impression of cynical manipulation.
The experience left us for a time curiously cynical and hostile.
It seems a cynical and desperate piece of plot-weaving, all too redolent of the lowest of the low soap operas.
It's ignorance combined with cynical politics and irrelevance.
It is easy to be cynical and to say that if you win in the stock market you are investing, but if you lose you are gambling.

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