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Example sentences for cymbals

He arrived with a number of monks who brought trumpets, drums, and cymbals.
The cacophony of prayers, drums, and cymbals echoed night and day.
They shuffled up the aisle, wary, clanking with cymbals tied to their knees and bells attached to the tips of their shoes.
The sizzle of cymbals and transient snap of sticks hitting drums are startling in their accuracy and effortlessness.
Before long, she had mastered the art of finessing the flames, while her husband figured out how to operate the cymbals.
Then the drum-beat of anticipation ended in a clash of publicity's cymbals.
Trainer sets up downstage, in the exact center, with his two cymbals parallel and at the same height.
First came a mounted band of sixteen bugles, drums and cymbals, playing wild martial tunes-made my heart jump.
While you're there, check out the owner's collections: skulls and signed guitars and cymbals.
Cymbals crashed, harp runs flew up, the violins soared.
Listen closely, and you could hear melody and phrase in the tintinnabulation of fast-flying sticks striking cymbals.
Flowers and ribbons waved, cymbals clashed and a giant paper dragon danced on the dimly lit tarmac.
The cymbals are the only part of this musical instrument set subject to this replacement program.
Each locomotive comes with built-in castanets, cymbals, a xylophone and a drum.
Playing cymbals strengthens hand and forearm muscles.

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