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Example sentences for cylindrical

He loads them into a cylindrical case, much as he might slide batteries into a tubular flashlight.
By cutting the edges off a cylindrical one, he stopped it from rolling off a table.
The cylindrical tank has two outlets and one inlets.
What's more, the company makes the batteries in a flat shape rather than in the typical cylindrical design.
The rods are cylindrical, of nearly uniform thickness, and are arranged perpendicularly to the surface.
It consists of a cylindrical metal chimney, covered at the top with a piece of rather coarse iron wire gauze.
The textured metal is then curled into a long cylindrical bead, and a mold is made.
The mosquitoes are housed in a few dozen cylindrical containers, about the size of beach buckets, covered with mesh lids.
Guests stay in comfortable thatched cylindrical huts.
Some of the community's dead were buried above ground in small, cylindrical structures made of stone.
The plaque with the above inscription sits on a cylindrical urn which contains the ashes.
Since they taper to a sharp edge, they are aerodynamically more efficient than standard cylindrical spokes.
Their reactor resembles a stack of vinyl records rotating into a cylindrical tower.
At the top of the ridge, the paleontologist hunkers down beside a cylindrical boulder streaked with crumbling crystalline rock.
On one side of the cylindrical chamber, about halfway down its length, is a halogen movie-projector lamp.
The shock wave would be quite nearly cylindrical, emanating sideways from the beam.
Now generators and electric drills do the trick, extracting cylindrical cores in minutes.
They're formed by taking cylinders of steel, putting them in a blast furnace, and forging them into a cylindrical shape.
It's long and cylindrical with tail and dorsal fins.
These cylindrical clouds have variable lifetimes and water concentrations depending on environmental conditions.
The plant sits in a cylindrical opening in the center that goes all the way through the box.
To mimic the beak's deformation resistance, they use a cylindrical metal enclosure.
The ejecta from that dynamic would be a cylindrical tube of plasma.
It shares the same elongated, cylindrical candy bar form factor, but is slightly tapered at the top.
But that alone would have left the original cylindrical design weak and crushable.
And he introduced the cylindrical shape, replacing the spherical bulbs that had been used previously.
It doubles the horizontal resolution and covers the pixels with tiny cylindrical lenses.
As you can see in the image on the right above, a laptop battery pack consists of a number of individual cylindrical cells.
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