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The axis-cylinder processes of its cells form the motor root of the trigeminal nerve.
It is then rolled to form a porous cylinder with many tiny channels suited for healthy nerve-cell growth.
The cylinder can be reinstalled by following the procedure approximately in reverse.
It came in a long cylinder and had teeny-tiny chocolate chips and was out of this world.
When they impart a twist to the wire, the cylinder will rotate one way and then the other.
Other myths are represented on inch-high cylinder seals that deliver a visual impact way beyond their size.
Cylinder of welded wire and two stakes support a tomato plant with a minimum of tying.
But it's a start, and it did a pretty good job of hiding a copper cylinder.
The bakery next door has a large cylinder of tear-gas.
In many ways, the device resembles a combustion cylinder in a standard automobile engine, though without a piston.
Again, he must act against his nature and learn patience before inserting damp garments into the cylinder.
Put stakes at opposite sides of cylinder and tie cylinder firmly to them.
You'll typically see three pairs of wires running into the back of the cylinder.
The core of a steam engine is a cylinder that is sealed at one end and has a moving piston at the other.
Point out that the tall cylinder is left out in the weather and fills with snow or water.
At that moment, you are standing in a cylinder of sound.
Then surround each plant with a wire cylinder weighted down at the base with rocks or bricks, and fill in with straw or leaves.
The bike earned its nickname because of the cooling fins on its cylinder head.
The cylinder is anchored to gravel ballast on the sea floor.
Jeremy's meniscus is touching the bottom of the graduated cylinder there.
Cylinder shapes, either ridged or smooth, hold sauce on the inside and outside.
The concept design takes a thin sheet of steel and rolls it into a cylinder.
Drop the appropriate justification cylinder on its spindle.
Viewed straight on, light zipping down the cylinder would be plainly visible.
Plus pipettes for measuring out specific amounts of wine and a graduated cylinder for mixing them together.
We started off with a metal cylinder that had holes at the top and bottom.
It can also offer cylinder deactivation during deceleration and idling stop function when the vehicle is stationary.
In the forced swim test, you put the mouse or rat in a cylinder of water where it cannot touch the bottom.
In addition, the engine has a relatively narrow cylinder bore, which lets the combustion flame reach the cylinder's edge sooner.
On top of this sits the desk-tidy, an open cylinder divided into three sections.
Starting from a long edge, roll each rectangle into a tight cylinder.
The drops run over ground coffee housed in a clear cylinder covered by thin tissue or a paper filter.
These last had brought with them certain fresh appliances that stood in an orderly manner about the cylinder.
Place subatomic particles-pion or muons-on one side of the light cylinder, and a particle detector on the other side.
Once in position, the drill can be set spinning so that an ice cylinder gradually forms within it.
The tiny pins of the cylinder lifted the tiny tines of the comb and pricked them into song.
They cranked up the four-cylinder gasoline engine that had been especially designed and built for the flying machine.
The flag was then rolled onto the cylinder again and unrolled with the linen side up.
Such detonation can destroy the pistons, cylinder linings and valves within seconds.
The previous paragraph's first five words covers piston-in-cylinder engines and guns.
The capacity of separation of a given centrifuge depends both on the speed of rotation and the length of the cylinder.
If the fuel is efficiently burned in the cylinder, there will be no appreciable hydrocarbon escaping the cylinder.
The first is a change to when combustion occurs as the piston moves up and down in the cylinder.
The cylinder is overfilled with water so that droplets bulge out on either side.
The supercritical fluid mixes quickly with air when it's injected into the cylinder.
The compressed air moves through a tube into a second cylinder, where fuel is added and combustion occurs.
As water runs through a cylinder full of the pellets, the adhesive pulls toxic metals out of the water by binding to them.
With one of its ends capped and water pumped in through the other, such a cylinder acts as a filter.
Wrap up the thin sheets of both into a cylinder so it can maintain a stronger magnetic field.
Hair is not a smooth cylinder, hair has a scaly surface.
They could be made to any size and could have four, six, or eight cylinder engines connected to the generator.
The fuel is directed straight at the spark plug, rather than at the cylinder wall.
The researchers succeeded in cloaking a two-inch-wide foam-filled copper cylinder from microwaves.
Chin offers a pale, slightly bowed cylinder with rounded ends.
It's an elongated cylinder of material now, getting bigger every day.
And the promised four-cylinder model is another step in the right direction.
As it bakes, a cylinder of cake will start to rise out of the mug.
On the left, the magnetic field of a lone cylinder-shaped magnet.
And although using a commonly available hammer to grind the rubble, they were working with small lab cylinder samples.
The majority of vehicles this time have a potential slow fluid leak problem with a seal in the brake master cylinder.
As you can see in the graphic above, it consists of a large cylinder with a funnel and a smaller measuring tube inside of it.
When you buy a car with a six-cylinder engine, you expect to get six cylinders.
Fold the resulting cylinder of paper to create a tent over the bird, as if wrapping an oddly shaped present.
When she rebuffs him, he whips out a revolver, spins the cylinder and blows his own head off.
The contents of any compressed gas cylinder must be clearly identified.
The invention is a cell design that can be used in the piston cylinder apparatus for the measurement of electrical conductivity.
Manual floor tram for transportation of the cylinder cart.
The cylinder label is the primary means of identifying the cylinder content.
When transporting gas cylinders, use an appropriate hand truck and strap the cylinder down.
Note that this is different than the total excluded volume of the hollow cylinder, which is.
Pour the collected water from one branch into a graduated cylinder and mark the amount on a chart.
If a leak occurs the cylinder should be taken outside, tagged, and the proper authorities notified.

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