cyclone in a sentence

Example sentences for cyclone

The cyclone was one of the deadliest storms in recorded history.
One day a cyclone comes and twists her house up in the air.
The study found that warmer oceans due to global warming are producing more tropical cyclone activity, including hurricanes.
Cyclone victims waiting for instructions on how to receive aid.
Australians team up to help a rare marsupial after a cyclone devastates its habitat.
It is also important to realize that a tropical cyclone is not a point on a map.
Although the cyclone is a day or two away, the gray, wet day weighs heavily on my eyelids.
The big cyclone came first, and tore things to pieces.
It never forgives loans, not even after a flood or a cyclone, although it restructures them when necessary.
The unaccustomed feels the sensation of being in a panic, in a tempest, in a cyclone.
Cyclone shelters are useless if they fall into disrepair.
The data you pointed out shows the number of days of cyclone activity for each year.
Thus, the graph you link to showing cyclone energy should best be fitted with a straight line.
Each tropical cyclone basin also has its own character.
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