cyclist in a sentence

Example sentences for cyclist

The would-be cyclist can concentrate on steering and pedaling.
Many dirt roads are smoother, and this asphalt can slow a cyclist to a crawl.
She tries to speak to a cyclist preparing to race, but he makes a donkey noise at her.
The energy stored in the flywheel can be used to bring the cyclist back up to cruising speed.
There were no rubbish bins in the alley, so a cyclist had three choices.
In one, a motorist and cyclist came to blows after the motorist berated the pedal-pusher for ignoring a stop sign.
It is impossible if you are not a professional cyclist, as the battery does not supply enough power.
It conjures the image of a cyclist pushing or carrying his duff lump of transport instead of riding it.
And those cyclist that would die with exploded hearts would be disqualified.
After a helmet, a cyclist's best friend is a weather-ready bag.
He warned that it was often fogged in, was much too steep, and had far too many grizzly bears for a cyclist to reach safely.
And that, he knew, was what a trained cyclist could pump out for several minutes at a stretch.
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