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It is early days, but the commission thinks that such cyclical convergence is slowly happening.
Markets may not follow predictable, cyclical patterns, but the photographs chosen to illustrate market trends sure do.
It may be that our current dilemma is another episode in a longish cyclical history.
Cyclical unemployment usually increases during a recession.
Gray and other research meteorologists say that active hurricane seasons are cyclical.
Cyclical motions of suns, planets and galaxies introduce space frame skipping at their centers with respect to the peripheries.
Cyclical stocks, from paper and chemicals to heavy machinery and media, were among the strongest gainers.
First, the media is biased toward covering cyclical and unexpected change, at the expense of steady and expected change.
He believes that this aspect of trading may be less cyclical than other sources of revenue, such as proprietary positions.
The planet's climate does get warmer and cooler on a cyclical basis.
But these agricultural fires were generally small, local and cyclical.
And every science fiction fan recognizes an allusion to cyclical reality as a harbinger of doom.
In economic terms it means eradicating cyclical unemployment.
The complexities of the science aside, the cyclical model is the only one that makes logical sense to me.
Economists use cyclical change to look into the future.
No, say the structural pessimists who are now as numerous as the cyclical optimists.
And that is cause for concern, particularly for the millions of workers who remain unemployed for cyclical reasons.
If this theory for a cyclical universe is close to being correct.
Addressing imbalances should be a top global policy priority for two reasons: cyclical and structural.
The long lags turn counter cyclical policy into pro cyclical effects.
Similarly, the cyclical strength of the economy must have contributed to past budget surpluses.
This, in turn, reflects cyclical differences in the two economies.
Probably, though, the pick-up in growth is mainly cyclical.
The root cause of the current shortfall is structural rather than cyclical.
In any case, the power and timing of the next cyclical upturn will depend on technology.
Video gaming is a cyclical industry in which new consoles are launched every five or six years.
Its faster growth might also be a cyclical phenomenon-evidence not of superiority but simply of a lack of convergence.
The labour market is weak, with continuing jobless claims at a cyclical high.
Cyclical theories of prosperity and depression are apt to be engagingly simple.
Wavy lines meander and wrap around the pillows, symbols of eternity and the cyclical nature of the seasons.
More generally, commodity prices are famously cyclical.
Hiring subsidies may help mop up cyclical unemployment.
After all, this is essentially a cyclical business in which prices habitually yo-yo.
Dark matter seems to fluctuate at frequencies that are not structural, nor even cyclical.
Yet cyclical factors only partly explain why the dollar has been strong.
Productivity growth accelerated due to what economists call secular, rather than cyclical, factors.
Fishing is seasonal, also cyclical, with up-and-down fluctuations from year to year.
It is what economists call a counter-cyclical program, pumping money into the economy when the private sector stalls.
Blue-collar jobs face both structural and cyclical difficulties.
Although public anger tends toward cyclical peaks and troughs, its varieties fall into well-established taxonomical grooves.
In a purely cyclical recession a confidence boost by the government can often help.
Future gains should be extrapolated from the level of these trend lines, not from a cyclical extreme point.
Others' problems might be more cyclical in nature, but those firms are experiencing higher levels of productivity.
The method of adjusting for cyclical fluctuations is transparent and observable.
The national economic model is still built on exports, often in highly cyclical industries such as shipbuilding.
And if the economy continues its cyclical improvement, the urgency of reform may appear even less compelling.
It is the result of cyclical economic gloom combined with a secular rise in pressure on rich countries' borders.
What might have been an ordinary cyclical downturn was turned into a cataclysm by bad politics.
Moreover, some of this productivity growth is undoubtedly cyclical, the result of higher-than-expected output growth.
The petrochemicals industry is cyclical, but caution was in short supply as the buy-out cycle neared its end.
Jobs lost have become permanent unemployment rather than cyclical unemployment.
Sputtering economy pushing investors away from cyclical.
Employment of pilots is sensitive to cyclical swings in the economy.
Employment of flight attendants is sensitive to cyclical swings in the economy.
The actress's cyclical looks of eagerness, amazement and overheated sensuality soon wear thin.
Some believe they may be a manifestation of a long-term cyclical trend.
Rather, they detected a cyclical variation in the signal coming from the pulsar itself.
Unless there is a cyclical acceleration, you don't get actual electromagnetic waves being produced.
These climate changes are cyclical in nature, and are somewhat predictable as well.
But we've tried to wish it all away with talk of temporary blips and cyclical recessions.
The movie captures the sense of the cyclical trap these characters are in.
The realty sector was heading for a cyclical slowdown even before the current economic slump.

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