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Today's machines with dough cycles give even better results.
Plants, animals and humans all need it, as it's an essential part of food cycles.
Water cycles, it turns out, are the key to attracting the birds.
Most of us have conducted our own ring cycles since childhood.
Regular freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to the elements have been gradually destroying the tracks.
Repeated freeze-thaw cycles transform the spuds into soft, juicy blobs.
Slashing support for public colleges, of course, is part of the ebb and flow of economic cycles.
Fortunately there's a better way to judge when tech will be refreshed: product cycles.
And take your natural energy cycles into account when you plan.
The ball stays this way through the first few normal cycles.
As the summer winds down, the enrollment cycles here have overlapped.
You'll probably need to do several cleaning cycles with various products.
There have always been recurring cycles of undress, followed by muffling from shoe-soles to chin.
Over geologic time, they have ebbed and flowed with natural climate cycles.
It wreaks a subtle, long-term havoc, as toxic chemicals enter ecological cycles and take decades to break down.
In ecological terms, the physical environment can be seen as an interdependent web of production and consumption cycles.
Meteorologists have noted that hurricane seasons run in alternating cycles of active and less active seasons.
Explain to children that all animals have life cycles that include being born, growing into adults, and having babies.
They've looked at the natural cycles and events that are known to influence climate.
Supernovas, or exploding stars, are believed to help drive the life cycles of galaxies.
But new climate cycles are now moderating those annual temperature swings.
There the water cools, sinks, and cycles back to the southern oceans in deepwater currents.
Monsoon variability in the past was driven by natural influences-such as changes in solar cycles and global temperatures.
Likewise, constant cycles from wet to dry will crumble clay.
Between chemotherapy cycles, she began trying to get her life back.
Revision cycles were once longer, but used books have been eating deeper and deeper into publishers' profits.
But a national campaign and unrelenting news cycles are a trying gauntlet.
These days, he cycles selections from his vast oeuvre in and out of circulation.
Views about governments' ability to tame the business cycle have themselves moved in cycles.
These cycles are self-reinforcing: more lending pushes up property prices, which encourages more lending.
Through industry it has disrupted the key biogeochemical cycles.
But in emerging markets, policymakers have often found themselves amplifying business cycles.
Others entrain that rhythm to the light and dark cycles detected by the eye.
The company's production cycles are too slow to keep pace with rivals, prices have risen and the brand has lost its shine.
The business cycles of rich and emerging markets had decoupled.
And the business and credit cycles may be about to turn nasty.
Both labour supply and productivity growth bounce around during business cycles.
And if high inflation is a feature of those cycles, then they have a cause, too.
The continuity of the brand name helps to disguise the fact that the product itself has been through several life cycles.
The light cycles make their long-awaited return, and players will engage in disc-based battles.
The decaying, oscillating tail that follows the spike displays many tens of cycles at the neutron star spin rate.
It is a little remarkable, the regularity with which political cycles recur.
Longer and heavier menstrual cycles can cause dysmenorrhea.
They were asked to report on intake of beer, wine and spirits over six menstrual cycles or until pregnancy occurred.
Several tidal cycles later, loose sediments had entombed them.
At the boundaries, tectonic stress builds up at a constant rate, leading to fairly regular cycles of earthquakes.
Rather the fly tenses and relaxes the muscles in rhythmic cycles that cause the thorax itself to change shape.
In the future, the depletion of hydrogen will dry out our oceans and all but shut down geologic cycles that stabilize the climate.
And over the last decade those cycles have grown shorter.
Ideology and technology change with election cycles, and failure can strike suddenly.
Commodity cycles have long been an underestimated peril of technology investments.
It's unfolding in smallish chunks in a series of tight feedback cycles.
Historical trends in stock prices are lines cutting through cycles, between the highs and the lows.
We live in a world where technology and hatred accelerate in ever-faster cycles, and in which isolation is not an option.
Either way, he's willing to float you a loan to get you through the next few bill cycles.
What may have changed-in this, as in all other aspects of our common life-is the shortness of the cycles of difference.
Another is to try to deliberately confuse trends and cycles.
There will be cycles and random events but the underlying trend is strong.
And so the cycles of rage and retribution spiral ever higher.
He's only good at completing cycles and series, reenacting actions.
Hotter, more humid weather shortens mosquito breeding cycles.
Scientists also note that, given different growth cycles, human hair doesn't grow in the same manner as mouse hair.
But set against this larger trend are the small cycles of rise and fall and rise.
The exact levels of radiation vary depending on the severity of solar activity, which falls into a number of predictable cycles.
Similar to tree rings, these lines match the growth cycles of animals.
Everything is down to our sun cycles and its sun spots.
In that minute, you could get a good ten cycles of two-second-period motion.
Because after many cycles all the cells in the organism are replaced with new ones.
Parasites, with such dramatically faster reproductive cycles, can easily out-evolve their hosts.
The ewes afterward resumed their ovarian cycles, and some of them mated and gave birth.
The first order of business was to determine their reproductive cycles.
Because of this, the battery can stop working altogether after only a few dozen cycles.
The prototype plastic flash memory cannot match silicon's storage density, long-term stability, or number of rewrite cycles.
The phase change material can run through these thermal cycles indefinitely, easily outlasting the life expectancy of the garment.
For the technology industry, where product cycles routinely last only a few months, that's stultifying.
The air cycles between hot and cool chambers, keeping the piston moving.
The devices learn the power cycles of each appliance and reconfigure them to maximize collective efficiency.
One of the biggest problems with flash devices is oxide degradation upon repeated write cycles.
In ordinary operation, the generator cycles on and off, keeping the battery at an optimal state of charge.
Typically, these molecules can only switch between two colors and they lose their ability to switch after a few cycles.
Typically a storage system is only going to go through one or two charge discharge cycles per day.
X-ray powder patterns step by step through a few cycles would have been wonderfully informative.
They govern global chemical cycles and play vital roles in our health.
He also fervently believes in investment cycles as a natural outcome of human behavior.
Low-dose contraceptives can help stabilize erratic menstrual cycles in the years leading up to menopause.
In addition to avoiding pesticides and chemicals, the growers work with the cycles of the moon.
Other scientists note that global climate moves in broad historical cycles of warming and cooling tens of thousands of years long.
It's not known, for example, whether the effects of anxiety increase over several cycles.
The crisis is partly due to natural cycles of extreme weather and the expansion and contraction of arid regions.
Normally in economic cycles, stocks bottom several months before an economic recovery gets underway.

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