cyclamen in a sentence

Example sentences for cyclamen

White cyclamen appear to flutter above silvery dusty-miller foliage and eucalyptus pods.
Supplement existing plants, such as the azaleas and ferns pictured above, with an edging of white cyclamen.
The long bike rides with stops to pick wild strawberries or sweet-smelling cyclamen.
Now that colder weather is upon us, the gaily colorful cyclamen is showing up at garden centers, florists and other stores.
Leaves may be crinkled, thickened and distorted by cyclamen mites.
Cyclamen falls into the toxic category because it can cause gastric upset if ingested.

Famous quotes containing the word cyclamen

Your cloak hides the sinner, your cloak shields the lover, colour of wine, cyclamen, red rhododendron.... more
Now I am powerless to draw back for the sea is cyclamen-purple, cyclamen-red, colour of the la... more
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