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The new business proved more lucrative than sneaking cyanide to the coral reefs.
Many poor fishermen add to reef destruction by using cyanide to stun and capture live fish for the aquarium trade.
But within months it was ordered to shut down after twice spilling cyanide into local waterways.
And extracting it from this rock often means leaching it out with cyanide.
Nothing will guarantee you never fall ill as surely as a heaping tablespoon of cyanide.
Meteors, comets or primordial ponds of hydrogen cyanide would still need to provide those molecules.
So, let's make some pills of pure arsenic or cyanide and challenge them to swallow them.
Nothing comes near this mushroom-neither bird nor insect-because of its cyanide odor.
Milk is indigestible only to some people, but cyanide is poisonous to all.
Fearing exposure, he kept the cyanide for the rest of the war.
Although only mildly toxic, it can be metabolized to produce hydrogen cyanide.
Information on cyanide, a potential agent for chemical terrorism.
These regulations are both more stringent as regards treatment of cyanide containing wastewaters and broader in scope.
Cyanide eggs, as used in heat-treating or fumigating, should not be handled with bare hands.

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A comprehensive education is a well-stocked pharmacy: but we have no assurance that potassium cyanide will ... more
You've been making love to a double dose of cyanide.... more
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