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Example sentences for cutout

He keeps a life-size cutout of the film and comic-book character in his office for inspiration.
Samantha's face and paws protrude from the cutout door.
Center the cutout circle over each pot and trace its outline.
The drawers below the cooktop have cutout handles instead of pulls to let air cool the hot surface.
Then he plants potatoes in every cutout so the greenery can grow outside, but leaving the root inside.
The cardboard cutout of the movie star squints back in utter disgust, as if itching to gun him down.
We lit it from behind, and used tiny cutout figures on knitting needles to make a shadow show of people flying over the city.
The two figures appear on the left, and the cutout parts of me on the right.
Then, you can add this blue-screen-style cutout to another background.
The cornily animated talking mouths of each celebrity's cutout image.
The tabletop was jigsawed with a cutout of the ride's track pattern.
Made of stainless steel, it is an oil lamp with a tiny acid-etched tree cutout on its rim that casts a big silhouette.
The works combine flat and dimensional cutout images and found objects in varying ratios.
Gather pieces of cutout dough with the scraps from the edges and mix a drop of food coloring into it.
Place on baking sheet and fill cutout shapes with crushed candies.
Rotting and decay are cutout hazards and are possible indications of the age and internal condition of the pole.
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