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Example sentences for cute

Most adults think it's cute when children imitate whatever they see.
It was impersonal-sweet, cute, the kind of thing you used to see on record-album covers in the sixties.
Alsop isn't trying to be cute, and there is logic to his zaniness.
Sugar was cute, but she had a mean, feral look in her eyes.
Turned into a chant, a potentially cute idea devolves into a harangue.
One solution may lie with her casting, which favors a forthright briskness over the cute.
The puffy tacos are really quite cute sitting side by side.
If it wasn't so irritatingly tragic it would be kind of cute.
At this life stage, your cute little kids become teenage drivers, competing with you for the car.
What's not cute are the germs on those little animals.
Freshwater mussels don't get a lot of attention-they aren't cute with fur, feathers, or fins.
They may look cute, but they can make you really sick and it takes a lot of work to try and keep the germs from spreading.
Cute little ecological niche if it is at the top of it's local food chain.
One could get cute and explicate the movie as an anticorporate parable.
So you're having fun at a party, and you see a cute possibility across the room.
Bed bugs turn out to be rather cute under high magnification, all pudgy and bug-eyed.
Close up, skunks are about as cute as animals get, right up there with raccoons and bunnies.
Quantum information theory is cute and all that, but it doesn't solve any of the conceptual foundation of quantum mechanics.
It's common for the animals to fall asleep together on the couch, and it's usually extremely cute.
Cute polar bears and seals make much better visuals for global warming warnings.
People really seem to have no mercy or sympathy with anything on this planet that isn't cute and cuddly.
These cute little monkeys pose a serious philosophical quandary.
It's cute, but not something to worship or try and gain wisdom from.
But you can sort speaker systems by style or function, so today's theme is cute and portable.
Match up the cute little animal shirt to the cute little animal pants and you were set.
See cute pictures of kids with tattoos from stick-ons, to paint and even henna.
However, there aren't any cute designs printed on them, so maybe they are special radiation masks.
And when journalists get cute, something curdles inside.
They have better costumes, they're from a better state, and they have that cute turtle guy.
In the first couple years, she gave a flat performance that was cute on its own, because it was so unstudied.
She never wanted to be seen as a cute, fluffy little appendage.
We also find a cute stewardess and work her relentlessly for alcohol.
So that didn't help its appearance-although it's pretty cute.

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