cutback in a sentence

Example sentences for cutback

The cutback on their salaries would be much less than other people have to take anyways.
And the cutback in defense spending has slowed the economy and brought higher unemployment than anyone finds satisfactory.
Thousands of protesters went to the governor's office to protest some of the biggest cutback plans in the nation.
Dangerous in the open field with great cutback ability.
He makes quick decisions and closes quickly, but sometimes that takes him out of plays against cutback runners.
Has the body control to change direction going through the rush lanes and can cutback quickly when the holes are filled.
Must rely on his cutback ability and balance, as he does not have the speed to run away from defenders otherwise.
Cutback and emulsified asphalt are used in nearly all paving applications.
While cutback and emulsified asphalts are used in similar applications, they differ in how they are prepared.
Sample cutback asphalt and asphalt filler at random at a rate of not less than ten percent of both storage tanks and shipments.
For example, applying a prime coat with a distributor involves using cutback asphalt heated above its flash point.
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