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Newly cut stone is available, but takes a hundred years of wear to achieve the distressed patina builders and architects prefer.
Fossils weaken the strength of cut stone and many people discard them outright.
Stone countertop businesses typically custom cut stone slabs to fit each individual installation.
Cut stone steps shall be placed on a crush stone subbase as specified.
The two exterior chimneys, which sit off the ridge, consist of rubble stone bases and cut stone stacks.
The foundation of river rock mixed with concrete has been stuccoed and scored to resemble cut stone.
The lower two floors are cut stone with a segmental arch entrance.
The brickwork is covered with stucco, which has been scored to resemble cut stone.
The building is also a fine example of the distinct use of cut stone in construction.
The expensive hand-cut stone would be impossible to reproduce today.
Concrete, a relatively new building material, would replace cut stone during construction of the larger locks.
Built of cut stone, the dam was anchored to the river floor, not to block its flow but to divert it.
Builders used cut stone to make almost all of these structures, parts of which were always submerged in water.

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