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When a log was cut out of its side every flame that used to come forth at each outlet was a big as the blaze of a burning oratory.
They can cut out pictures from magazines or brochures and present them in a chart or on an outline map of the world.
Trace the shape of a cookie cutter onto craft foam, then cut out the shape.
Sure would cut out the need for many coal fired plants.
Another thing, the majority of people are not cut out for college, but are told that they must go to college to succeed in life.
When things are tough, cut out the garbage and the fun and games junk.
If you don't think he's cut out for graduate school, tell him, and tell him why.
Sometimes the audio would cut out as well, which made it harder for them to concentrate.
It is entirely necessary to recognize such people as perhaps not being cut out for university work.
She made me cut out a verse attacking big business-don't tell anyone.
They put a cloth or cover over the outside of the box to cut out the light and restrict my air supply.
It's basically so that someone can't cut out the picture and glue it to an envelope to mail a letter.
If you are not a skeptic then you are not cut out for science or you are naive.
Cut out and discard center rib and stem from each leaf.
Cut out stems from chard and chop stems, reserving leaves.
We don't know half the time when we're being cut out of something because someone is unable to see us at full capacity.
Those whose curiosity has not been satisfied have their work cut out for them.
And not wanting to be cut out of the loop, wireless carrier companies are also dipping toes into the mobile payments waters.
It is a matter of redesigning products and processes to cut out unnecessary costs.
Avoiding a direct tie between investors and the investment cut out the local regulators.
Short, blonde and stout, she was not cut out to be hauled into a bus by the police.
The thin, the focused and the neat are freaks-but they are cut out for success.
Whoever wins will have his work cut out if he wants to raise people's standard of living.
Instead, little white markers cut out of polythene bags are still planted along the narrow rubble lane to the cemetery.
Locals say that they also cut out the vocal cords of a singer who had warbled improvised anti-regime ditties in previous weeks.
He says that hotels, as well as airlines, will try to cut out the portals and get more direct bookings from travellers.
If things reverse, you merely have to cut out overtime pay.
Thus equipped, bikes are ideal for freeway riding, but are not cut out to ford wild streams or plough through squelching bogs.
The image soon broke up into little squares and the sound cut out as the signal strength dropped.
Most vegetarians will tell you their decision to cut out meat came gradually, over a period of months or even years.
The other side has the player's name cut out and his number.
Airlines are looking to steer customers to their own booking sites to cut out the middlemen and lower distribution costs.
He'll have his work cut out for him upon his return and will not have fantasy value.
The chain's goal, of course, is to cut out the middlemen.
Use your scissors to cut out the game pieces and cards.
Carefully cut out your pilot's wings and glue them to a piece of heavy white paper or white index stock.
Have the students cut out the shapes, measure each angle within the shape and record data on the worksheet.
Cut out the half pattern included with these instructions.
Roll out any additional dough to cut out more biscuits.
Draw around it with a pencil and cut out the smaller circle with a mat knife.

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