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If the infestation is light, cut off and burn infected stems and branches.
Wilted leaves often perk up if you cut off the damaged part of the stem and put it in water.
Roof overhangs are calculated to cut off the warm summer sun.
Meanwhile, cut off and discard root ends and dark green tops from leeks.
My second attempt used a cut off water container and several punctured water bottles as the oxygen and water chambers.
Housewives bought his calendars, viewed them for a year, then cut off the dates and framed the pictures.
There is another option, a southern route for the highway that would actually serve more people currently cut off from the world.
She cut off the large leaves and cleaned the stringy stalks with a paring knife.
And students are increasingly cut off from networks that come with more affluent peers.
Meanwhile, some colleges are taking steps to cut off aid to scammers sooner.
He appeared on the upper-right corner of the screen, partially cut off from my view, taking no notes and fidgeting in his seat.
Not long after her remarks concluded, protesters began chanting, and the audio feed was cut off.
To insist too much is likely to simply cause them to close their ears and cut off any critical thinking altogether.
Remove outside leaves from a small solid white cabbage, and cut off stalk close to leaves.
Cut off tails, and from tail ends of fish turn meat over one inch onto flesh side.
Cut off head and tail and remove fish from backbone.
He would probably have cut off his right hand before he would have sent such a telegram.
My exploit was equal to that of the soldier who boasted that he had cut off the leg of one of the enemy.
The sleeves of his camouflage shirt are cut off and his combat boots are untied.
Remove the pillow, cut off the sleeves and sew the side seams closed.
Oxygen was cut off from her brain for about five minutes.
Cut off a section of a clean old pair of pantyhose, making sure to choose a space without runs.
Where there's demand it's tough to completely cut off supply.
They live such an isolated existence, cut off from the rest of the world by geography.
Others postulated that the whales simply got cut off from the main pod and had yet to reunite.
He then shows me the machete he used to cut off their heads.
Once its watery fuel supply has been cut off, the storm inevitably weakens.
We cut off our oxygen-already low-and set about our tasks.
It fuels algae blooms that cut off the water's oxygen supply, killing fish.
When the flowers arrive home, half an inch to an inch of the stem should be cut off.
If an arm of a starfish is cut off, you will have two starfish after regeneration.
During dreams, this interaction with the external field is cut off.
The ceiling sprinklers also did not work, because the water supplying them was cut off by the collisions.
Libraries cut off access to the scientific literature.
The taming procedure can be so distressing to the animals that some cut off their own air supply by stepping on their trunks.
They then cut off the water to five trees in each temperature group.
Extensive evacuation would be impossible because the surging water would cut off the few escape routes.
Having taken heavy casualties, your reconnaissance team is cut off deep within enemy territory.
Modern architecture has also cut off interiors of homes and buildings to the outside world.
The nerves below the break are then cut off from the rest of the nervous system and atrophy.
They will have to design a new wallet to carry cut off thumbs instead of cards.
They are permanently cut off from their past, usually so greedy people can cut down their trees or mine their lands.
But the earthquake cut off the water supply, buckled nearby roads and damaged computer servers.
When the jobs went away the ability to repay those loans was cut off at the knees.
They do not have a headquarters and, if you cut off the heads of their leaders, five more rise to fill their place.
Victims were sometimes given a choice: they could have a hand cut off at the wrist, or at the elbow.
It has curbed developers' access to bank lending and cut off credit from new trust companies.
Leavers would be cut off from foreign finance, perhaps for years, further starving their economies of funds.
When the president refuses to cave, they cut off funding and the government grinds to a stop-twice.
He had his hands cut off, his belly sliced open, and then was beaten in the dust until he expired.
One western diplomat says they occupied the local radio station, but abandoned it after the authorities cut off the power.
The show of hands up are sufficient for the voting process and if hands are not shown, they will be cut off.
If the increase is due to increasing leverage, regulators need the power to intervene directly to limit or cut off the borrowing.
All you need to cut off cellular traffic in your building is a good coat of paint.
Sometimes upper atmospheric low pressure areas become cut off from the general flow.
Nobody likes getting cut off in traffic, but usually both parties can speed away, perhaps shaking a fist as they roar off.
Does not have the speed to get to the corner and cut off opposing ball carriers.
The gist, she said, was that in order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners.
The regime cut off electricity and water and sent in tanks and rooftop snipers.
But that's not how it felt to be cut off from my family and friends and my place.
If they get an arm cut off, they can quickly regenerate it.
One shows her with her hands cut off and an enormous bleeding heart on the ground.
There's no question that straightening your hair is bad for it--they cut off three or four inches of basically fried ends.
Go through the tomatoes and cut off the tops so there are no stems remaining.
In the past the military used boot camp to cut off recruits from their former ways.
To prepare the cardoons, cut off the rough ends and peel away the tough fibers.
Additionally, the recording laws operate to cut off the interests of people who fail to record their deeds.
Then, from day to day, simply cut off the amount of dough you need and keep the rest in the refrigerator.
But it has become more difficult for the gate to fully cut off the flow of current.
The pipe can then be sealed with concrete and cut off far below the water line.
The authorities cut off their own nose to spite their face.
If you cut off power to an electric motor, it can still spin freely, so the car doesn't slow down much.
Cut off strings from roast and discard bay leaves and rosemary.
Cut off neck of squash and reserve bulbous end, wrapped and chilled, for later use.
Cut off portion of parchment with spider and reserve.
Cut off top inch of pummelo and scoop out flesh, leaving a shell.
Cut off one third of cake, reserving for another use.
Run rolling pin over top edge to cut off excess dough, then press side to make dough come up slightly above edge of pan.
They quartered people with chainsaws, cut off tongues and testicles.
It shows the irrevocability of extinction-if a branch is cut off, a particular evolutionary path is lost forever.
Their visits were cut off, phone calls denied, and letters confiscated.
Among this generation of students, discussion is hardly ever cut off unilaterally.
Usually when you leave the royal family you have your head cut off.
Caddy remained responsive and attentive, but soon seemed flummoxed, confessing that his client had cut off communication.
The storage hold was an isolating place to hide, cut off even from sounds by the clattering of a water pump overhead.
The city's gas mains and bullet trains are neatly programmed to cut off at the first whisper of seismic activity.
But this guy had his head cut off and replaced with the head of a horse.
In some cases the video was cut off at the point at which the bowler released the ball.
Yes, at some point an out-of-control project must be cut off.
Each time a cell divides, its chromosome tips are cut off, until finally it dies.
Scratched-up animal bones showing where early humans cut off the meat are much easier to find than evidence for omnivorousness.
The drone of the climatologist is cut off as the denier shoves him aside, taking the podium.
Cut off in a world of their own, island species face different evolutionary pressures to their relatives on the mainland.
Scientists aren't sure why the flies bother to cut off the head.
Whenever a supply is cut off, a new source of dangerous kicks appears.
Stroke occurs when part of the brain's blood supply gets cut off.

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