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To customize your salad to your meals--sometimes piquant, sometimes mellow--grow different greens separately.
Then try our variations, or be creative and customize your own.
The charm here lies in the toppings, which diners can customize to their liking.
They can zoom in and out on specific areas and customize the map in different ways.
Use its online vacation guide and trip planner to customize your visit.
Modular dividers let you customize to fit your gear.
It also gives you the ability to customize the flavors and textures to suit her growing abilities.
Customize bath salts according to your scent preferences and your needs.
Compression straps let you customize the pack to fit its cargo, and the supportive hip belt can be removed if you so desire.
Customize your itinerary, from soft family adventures to wilderness camping.
The ability to customize consumer electronics will help drive the market.
The failure to include the name of the school suggested that the applicant did not even take the time to customize the letter.
Details the history and construction of the lacrosse stick and the ways players string and customize the pockets on their sticks.
For thirty dollars, clients can customize the color.
It will allow us to tailor sentencing, to customize rehabilitation, and to better structure societal incentives.
The resort has package specialists who will help guest customize all-inclusive romantic getaway packages.
Choose from six continents and a wide range of prices or customize your own equine escape.
The variety of parks and attractions allows you to customize the trip to meet your tween's interests.
The management can customize a honeymoon package to fit the tastes and pocketbook of every newlywed couple.
Several golf packages are available, and guests can also customize their own golf packages.
Log in to customize alerts, subscribe to newsletters, and apply to jobs.
Customers can create their own winery itinerary or allow the company to customize one.
If you are going after more than one job opening, customize your resume accordingly.
Before each set of races, players can also customize their karts based on specific preferences.
Guests can customize their itinerary to meet their exact requirements.
The company can customize a family itinerary on request and arrange multiple vessels for family reunions.
All accommodations have their own views and amenities, allowing visitors to customize trips based on their desires.
Players can customize matches to tweak difficulty and the number of enemies teams will encounter.
Bottom line, being able to customize your food is one of the secrets to a great dinner party with lively conversation.
Then the idea is to allow doctors to customize this tool.
But perhaps the coolest thing about this book is that if you move quickly, you can customize your own dust jacket.
And far from being an artistic tyrant, he hopes you'll customize his pieces.
The interface is clean and dark, and you can customize everything, including button positions.
As a reader, this is your first stop to customize content within the app.
The highest level of sponsorship, premier sponsorship allows you to customize a program to fit your marketing needs.
Attackers have learned to customize malicious programs that can remain undetected for days or weeks.
What makes smart phones attractive--the ability to customize them by downloading applications--is what makes them dangerous.
He also considers their effort to customize routes innovative.
There are links in the book to customize form letters.
It's incredibly easy to use and really helps to add on and customize to your level of hydration.
From here, you customize your scent with an array of top notes, which you choose based on your mood that day.
They can customize their profile through colors and photos and the music they have playing in the background.
Our ability to look at your genomes and customize the cure you need.
Customize clothing and accessories with embroidery of your own choosing.
Buyers can customize their new homes by adding a variety of options.
The chef recommends home cooks buy the simplest blends so they can more easily customize the flavor as they're cooking.
They're simple to make and customize, and they taste better than store-bought.
Customize your cover with a notebook pocket, faux button closure, or penholder.
Customize your online map viewing while seamlessly panning and zooming data layers of your choice.
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