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Her creations have also inspired customers to duplicate her designs or make up their own.
Customers have obviously had no trouble finding them.
Now a whole new set of customers is discovering sport kiting.
It is the reproof to a landlord who serves his customers with bad wine.
The barkeeper permits them to sit about the stove and by shivering invite the sympathy of transient customers.
The first morning he had a dozen customers, the next about two hundred.
It was good for business, since lodge-brothers frequently became customers.
Towards daybreak, little boys issued from the bakers' shops, carrying baskets of bread to the houses of their usual customers.
To show a parrot to perspective customers, the vendor opens a small door on the cage and reaches his arm in.
The customers were hesitant to pay for pictures that they couldn't see, and sales were low.
As automobiles became more popular, the shape of these buildings conveyed the nature of their merchandise to customers zooming by.
It's not a good idea to tell your customers they don't know what they're doing.
The owners of the shop only gave me a few minutes to work, and wouldn't allow any customers or staff to be photographed.
Even such customer-oriented salespeople were found to lose all respect from customers for having barked at a co-worker.
The bigger climate payoff from smart metering comes as customers reduce electricity consumption throughout the year.
Two examples--customers and courtships--came up in the interviews.
Perhaps their customers are better at portion control.
There's a sign hanging in my local deli that offers customers some tips on what to expect in terms of quality and service.
Ultimately, the goal is to get cheap, productive solar cells to as many customers as possible.
We are actually seeking out coal and gas-fired power plants as potential customers.
By forcing customers to choose between the two, it has revealed the weaknesses of both of its offerings.
Among the best of these are deposits from retail customers.
Direct marketing, focused on individual customers, has become a potent way to sell.
Make customers the new idol, and capital and labor will migrate away.
Most customers sign long-term contracts, and switches between companies are relatively rare.
Each market segment represents a group of potential customers with common characteristics.
Companies often find it profitable to vary their prices according to customers' willingness to pay.
Customers could understand and believe in the delegation of responsibility for the application.
Retailers are making breakthroughs in understanding their customers' minds.
And it gives customers the chance to read not only the sales blurb but also other customers' comments on the products.
Under the old regime, they always bore the extra costs after big industrial customers had negotiated their cut-price deals.
Oracles enjoyed a worldwide following of satisfied customers for centuries.
Shop owners would leave them on their counters for customers and collecting them became a popular hobby.
One intriguing tool for either identifying outbreaks or alerting customers to recalls is grocery store customer loyalty cards.
As a farmer, it is rewarding to be a steward of a small piece of land and have so many satisfied and satiated customers.
The main problem with the education system is that there are too many students and too few customers.
It's not that college students are never customers on a campus.
They compete with their rivals by trying to sell the highest-margin goods to the wealthiest customers.
Our future customers, and perhaps even our future business partners, will be found on nearly every continent.
But when it comes to cloud computing, campuses have an unusual advantage over customers in other sectors: fast local networks.
My local grocery store, in an effort to sell more of its products, makes samples of foods and plies customers with those samples.
The system lets customers specify rental periods lasting anywhere from a month to a year.
Libraries are some of the biggest customers for academic and commercial publishers.
Interact professionally with all internal and external customers using strong interpersonal skills.
Price points are determined by balancing book-production costs with what customers can spend, she added.
Our vision is to provide exceptional service to all of our customers.
Engage customers and members of the campus community.
We try to work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it.
Here's why boycotts don't work: the vast majority of customers don't care.
But sometimes customers forget to be polite--and so do bartenders.
The police station is a few yards away, but the officers on patrol show no interest in the line of customers.
Ironically, denying credit to riskier customers is the only way that credit card companies really can respond.
They likely want to continue to be able to offer their best customers some reward for banking with them.
Visa is using a football website to teach customers about credit cards.
Customers will not be able to demand a larger commitment.
It says that the company wasn't merely allowing people to gamble illegally but also stealing money from its customers.
One of the guiding principles was to take care of your customers.
And marketing and sales departments see each additional feature as a new selling point, and a new way to lure customers.
He punishes ill-mannered customers by sending them, next time, to the slowest cashier.
It couldn't remain a going concern because creditors and customers no longer trusted it.
They say you have to be there when the computer says the customers will be there.
But it wasn't more than a few weeks before they were closing up shop and blaming the failure on a lack of customers.
Since banking is based on making loans to customers, the risk of default by those customers is a crucial part of the business.
Meanwhile, customers and shareholders will pay for the lawyers.
They could charge premium prices for their goods, and raise prices when costs went up, without losing their customers.
Its true customers weren't its users but the people who run corporate information-technology departments.
Powers' direct color reproduction shows your customers exactly what you have to sell.
Businesses can talk to customers and suppliers, and employees in different offices can speak with each other.
He's selling snake oil to the eager customers, and he knows it.
The renewable gas won't smell bad or function any differently than the gas already being provided to customers' homes.
They likely don't care if their food harms their customers any more than the cigarette companies care about their customers.
Customers shall remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.
If the research yields useful results, then their customers benefit and are willing to pay for the results.
Suppose it has an infinitely long stream of customers.
In the quiet, convivial dining room, customers ooh and aah with the arrival of the picture-perfect plates.
People were literally trying to buy half-eaten sandwiches out of other customers' hands.
He performed an awkward upward stroke with grace, cleaving one half from the backbone, and began cutting off customers' orders.
Night after night, swarms of customers pile into the moderately sized establishments.
Maybe restaurants are selling oversized, over-the-top platters to give customers their money's worth.
We looked at what the other customers, seated on stools at low wooden tables around the kitchen, were eating and made our choice.
Customers perch at a narrow counter, and the butcher serves them grilled kebabs on open pita bread.
Some customers bring blankets and boxed lunches, for which ice cream provides the grand finale.
He wants only as many customers as he can take care of himself, supplying the bulk of the fruit from his own orchards.
The first results amazed everyone, and delighted the customers overseas.
The first summer, he sold vegetables from a roadside stand and enjoyed the interaction with his customers-but made no money.
The artisans were the customers themselves: this was do-it-yourself chewing gum making.
We suspect that many customers return each year for something more than cremated herring and fine chocolate pie.
Fights broke out among the customers jostling to buy the books.
It operates for the benefit of paying customers only and does not recognize the existence of other people.
The main customers were a small bunch of local children who used to buy a few pennies' worth of lollipops after school.
Private insurers spend large sums fighting adverse selection, trying to identify and screen out high-cost customers.
The challenge for any established brand is to win new customers without losing the old ones.
Commercial banking would implicitly be supported in its wide range of relations with businesses and other customers.
We do not expect to be literally crazy, cool customers who believe that their husband is about to return and need his shoes.
Ice-cream manufacturers, meanwhile, invite their customers to give way to sin and temptation.
Make a list of all current customers, past customers, and prospective customers.
Many cloud providers let customers pay extra for their own private servers to avoid this risk.
Location-based smart-phone advertising is seen as a potentially valuable way to reach new customers.
Somehow it seems the more businesses cater to customers through the use of new technologies, the harder it is to get good service.
To developers, fiber is an amenity that can lure customers.
It also said that it would start to invest in some of its customers' projects, perceived as a move to keep those projects going.
So by monitoring the contents of everyone's carts, the screens could possibly feed information back to customers as they shop.
And by sending out multiple beams, your cellular carrier could deliver enhanced signals to other customers, too.
Perhaps tellingly, the company has not yet revealed how many customers have subscribed to its service.
Imagine snooty attendants with ear sets or signage that discriminates between customers to pander to the wealthiest customers.
He thinks that it's ridiculous for customers to pay so many fees.
He was frequently offered stock from customers of the bank at a reduced price, in return for unspecified considerations.
More and more, customers feel as though they don't want to be bogged down by an overstuffed makeup case.
Its bonuses this year are the same toxic securities its bankers and traders sold their customers last year.
It has given our economy more workers and more businesses and more customers.
The bullets are tough to find, so he doles them out slowly to keep his customers coming back.
He was a kind of half performance artist, half salesman, and he invented all sorts of getups to attract customers.
He liked the fact that the shopping experience provides its customers with a genuine sense of relief and satisfaction.
Customers can report bugs, feature requests or other issues that you track in your database.
Understanding what customers want is fundamental to business success.
Many companies keep sensitive personal information about customers or employees in their files.

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