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Insurers use the data to determine usual and customary rates for care received outside their networks.
Customary uses of prediction have pre-established limitations.
Levine offers educators a way to fit the school to the student rather than the customary method.
Customary benefits are provided, a housing program is available, and relocation costs can be reimbursed.
Few mining bosses were ready to claim that their industry had overcome its customary cyclicality.
Shaking hands is also customary when greeting people.
New levels of philanthropic investments can propel them beyond the subsistence support that has been far too customary.
It is customary for the ruling party to make its choice, and then to try to achieve a consensus.
It is customary to tip guides a couple of euros, and porters generally expect a euro per bag.
The customary hashish peddlers have gone underground.
But once unilineal descent develops, there are customary if not statutory immigration policies.
If it succeeds the party will apply its customary leg-irons to any attempts at reform.
Among some medical students, it was customary to send cards with pictures of themselves and their cadavers.
Deals that push them off their land or override customary rights cannot be justified.
With its customary excellent judgment and admirable appreciation of news.
Yes, it is customary and you should definitely ask as part of your contract negotiations.
So far he has pointedly refrained from the customary naming of a second deputy prime minister.
At long last, summer has breathed a warm sigh of relief, signaling that the season's customary activities can officially begin.
Instead of the customary blank stares, the students' heads lifted and their eyes focused in.
Such a notation is customary when justices have decided not to participate.
He laid out the problem at hand with his customary clarity.
Mind you, it all depends on the use of customary and native idioms in context.
But the kits' customary bulk can be a deterrent for some.
Arabs have no customary creed affiliated to democracy.
The plaintiff occupied his customary place beside his legal representatives.
They would possibly spend the night outside, as is customary in the region, but they followed scientists' advice.
As is customary, this list is hardly exhaustive or comprehensive.
In their culture, it is customary to honor the instructor this way.
Furthermore, the customary policy for professors is that if you take a semester sabbatical, you get full pay for that semester.
Capitalism exalts individual freedom and voluntary, rather than obligatory or customary, interaction among the members of society.
Abroad, meanwhile, outflows of gold had their customary effect of reducing the money supply and curbing demand.
Tipping the hotel housekeeper is customary in higher-end hotels.
In the main hall, it's customary to burn incense, paper clothing and money in honor of your ancestors.
It is customary to give the room service waiters a few dollars in cash when they make a delivery.
It is becoming much less customary than it used to be for a gentleman to offer to pay a lady's way.
The second book treats, in the customary manner, of the fundamental qualities of style as an instrument of persuasion.
He recited every day the church office with him, as it was then customary for pious persons among the laity to do.
At midnight he went to offer his customary prayers in the church.
It is customary to adopt a program, or order of business, in conventions in session for several days.
It is not customary for the hostess to go upstairs with a guest, so long as others remain in her drawing-room.
But this caressing hypocrisy failed in its customary effect on the severe elder brother.
It is said to be customary in certain places to have waitresses announce people.
And with that he opened his book, which was the customary signal of dismission.
Still, the brief, customary shuffle had the feeling of an entertainment event.
Once color is separated from its customary role, it becomes the guiding element of a design.
There is no such thing as a six-way, although oyster crackers are the customary garnish.
The customary term is anywhere from six months to three years.
Mere words, taken out of their customary context, become shorthand for social anxieties.
The spokeswoman spoke on customary condition of anonymity.
But this light push merely elbows the electrons out of their customary atomic orbits for a moment.
All of which seems scarcely remarkable in a household with six children, each equipped with the customary number of friends.
And wide shopping streets were built, instead of the customary open-air markets.
Selecting malleable employees and hyper-loyal professional attendants has been customary for this type over the generations.
Everybody else looked comparatively mousy in muted blues and grays, as is customary.
He received the customary award for disagreeing with his bosses: exile.
Of all the customary hazards of life in a big city, the threat of falling tree branches is not one.
It's customary now for cities to use the arts as an engine of growth.
And he's still outside the customary borders of art history.
The solicitation must specify the customary contract financing offerors may propose.

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