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One of the benefits of being a major leaguer was that custom bats were paid for by the team.
Custom-made boots can be ordered, with fancier skins such as ostrich or lizard available for the more extravagant shopper.
The balustrades and ornamental railings each are housed in custom-made plywood cabinetry designed to safeguard them.
Custom-made servos cost many times the price of off-the-shelf ones.
The big routers and network-switching equipment that make up its core business are custom-built to order.
The speaker's meaning may depend on various factors including context, tone of voice, local custom and historical usage.
The lawyers make nothing, but use the service to drum up custom.
Foreigners were happy to accept, because foreigners themselves ran the custom house.
It's also easier for a publisher not to have to create a custom app for each device.
Lack of custom is, however, less of a problem than a dearth of credit.
From the innards of a new box of tricks emerge parts for a car, custom-built medical implants, miniature batteries.
There is no bureaucracy, so help can be custom-made.
People prefer to spread their custom over different versions of the same good.
To respect local custom, the menu there did not include beef.
Indeed, they regard tribal custom as a deviation from sharia law.
Thus exactly where this eggshell-decorating custom came from and why it disappeared remain a mystery.
Each volunteer twice took an afternoon nap in a dark room on a custom-made bed that could rock.
Each plan of get rid addiction is custom tailored to fit the individual characteristics of each client.
The genius is probably in designing the custom hardware and in getting the chips to real-life functions.
It entails the custom packaging of securities to provide price insurance against a drop in either the yen or the thermometer.
Few people are capable for this method as equipment is custom.
They offer more gamma choices and the ability to choose a custom color temperature.
If you have any lingering doubt that the bling-bling era is over, look at the latest trends in custom wheels.
There may be less expensive ways of acquiring your regalia, even if you attended a university with its own custom colors.
They actually advertise what they offer: printing of custom lab manuals and course packs.
It also by custom is a faculty activity, not one for administrators.
When that didn't work, she bought a custom-made gray wig.
Custom is a second nature which destroys the former.
This, however, is merely an instance where etiquette and the custom of the moment differ.
Thus the custom of marrying gods either to images or to human beings was widespread among the nations of antiquity.
The right method of speaking and pronouncing established by the custom of each particular nation.
The custom of naturalists to go on long voyages was still maintained.
He lived in a vast cave, and his custom was to tell over his herds of sea-calves at noon, and then to sleep.
The one way to use custom is to use soap and silk for cleaning.
Even the whims and caprices of a tyrant may be of service in breaking the chain of custom which lies so heavy on the savage.
Another custom is to clean the house thoroughly and burn juniper to rid the house of evil spirits in the coming year.
Print your own custom waterproof, tear-resistant maps.
Think again, until you've logged a season with a custom harvest crew you haven't seen tough.
Built by expert luthiers, custom-designed acoustic and electric guitars are sold throughout the area.
Many of the furnishings were custom-designed by the firm, vintage, or handmade.
If you're going to splurge, consider something custom-designed, such as a light fixture.
Eight of these custom-built squares are planters with drainage holes.
Eight of the custom-built squares are planters with drainage holes.
Ask the paint retailer for a custom mix compatible with your surfaces and paint.
If you want something even bigger or a different shape, the company will also do custom orders.
In the rear lower garden, a custom steel rose arbor frames the view from the house.
So the preserve the whole grain by dehulling it in a custom-built centrifuge.
Custom storage cubes on casters located on either side of the sofa house guest bedding.
The shop also offers extracts, sauces, and custom spice blends.
And she's decided to open a showroom to exhibit her custom built-ins, outdoor furniture, and garden accessories.
Pistils can even hook you up with a local carpenter for a custom fence or gate.
And its introduction would not be some sort of radical break with social custom.
And the general disdain for the creepy and demeaning-all-around custom of tipping.
The support could arise from formalized general social networks, not solely through custom-built protest networks.
He interrogated every custom, and wished to settle all his practice on an ideal foundation.
They are custom tailored trades designed to hedge the risks of specific parties.
Lots of custom derivatives have also been created, which are tailored to a client's particular risk exposure.
Stockpile thematically related tweets in these custom folders.
It was a custom owing less to etiquette than to economics.
Almost as important is the custom-made popcorn blend, which always seems to have the perfect ratio of mushrooms to butterflies.
We had an intimacy that seemed custom-made for our strange, lonely times.
They have also designed custom housings, one made partly from tea leaves.
Custom forbade them from ever washing their clothes.
She was a great believer in following the custom of the country in moments of uncertainty.
Alex was fleshy and moon-faced, with thinning hair she favored custom-made muumuus, under which she wore nothing.
To order or reorder a custom memorial plaque, please fill out the following information.
They can also create custom gestures for specific custom tasks.
Image-processing software distills the models from aerial photos captured by custom packages of multiple cameras.
Custom programs and elements can also be added to each of these levels.
And the helmet has an inflatable liner in the side and back for a custom fit.
The glove has four custom-built push-button sensors sewn into the fingers.
The images are then custom-colored to the client's preference, generating a modern piece of art.
Next step move the custom viewer into a browser and the data into the cloud.
These strings are debug symbol file paths in source code that has apparently been custom-written for these attacks.
There, custom software will translate the signals into movements of a computer cursor, which the animal will watch.
The jury had been sequestered in a hotel, as was the custom at the time, for over two weeks.
Yes, her husband used many paints and chemicals in his custom car business, but she was rarely at his shop.
They have custom canes and smoke ivory pipes and say saucy things that only they can get away with.
These custom-built devices are not nearly cheap enough to be commercially viable, however.
There is an on-site aluminizing chamber custom built to handle the optics.
Local homebuilders are busy constructing custom homes on the properties.

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